Question about Filters


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Hello , i just bought 0.22um 13mm, nylon filters , and this filters are tiny AF , how much TEST CYP ml can be filtered trough this filters , cus i got 100ml and i just have 10 filters of these, thank you!


hopefully they have the word "sterile" in the product description and come individually sealed.


My experience in brewing with a 13mm 0.22um PVDF filter it's 1 hour for filtering 30ml and 11 minutes for filtering 30ml with a 32mm 0.22um PVDF filter.
Oil used is GSO with Test E 300mg/ml 2%BA and 12%BB
With MCT oil it's thiner so it could be faster.


it takes a lot to boil away benzyl alcohol. Even though it will begin to evaporate before it boils, it’s boiling point is 401F
Thank you for that response cuz I want to laugh every time I see someone say that. Nothing against the person that said it but from experience you know it's not true. Otherwise stuff would be growing all inside of things like Tren base.lmfao...


If you get the oil too hot the syringe will start melting. You shouldn't need to boil your oil or your syringe.

This is the answer as well as for the filter limits. Do not melt plastic in your gear. Do not melt your plastic filter in your gear while filtering.


Would boiling it too hot ruin the plastic syringe?
The heat resistance on different material membranes is different. What is the actual membrane made from? Probably nylon witch is hydrophilic or PVDF witch comes in both hydrophobic and hydrophilic? Hydrophobic being much better. However if its PVDF hydrophobic then it needs to be pre wet with a solvent like BA first...