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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by MetalHeavy6, May 9, 2019.

  1. MetalHeavy6

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    Im not trying to source/brew/shill...etc. I have a good friend/ex pro wrestler who is getting quality GH at a good price. He asked me yesterday to put the word out. Is it a good idea to mention details here or is that going to piss people off and mess me all up here? I value this community more than a few bucks.

    I guess besides local word of mouth, i could make a quick tor site for him? as far as trust goes...he’s had top notch everything for years and is a legit good dude.

    Any thoughts? I could lay off altogether but doing favors for him might prove to be benificial. Not sure if i’ll do anything. Just want some opinions. Thanks in advance.
  2. The ole man

    The ole man Member

    Well I don’t think you wanna venture down that rabbit hole. Being a source is no picnic. But you do you.
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  3. Evom1

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    If it's nor legit pharmaceutical, don't bother. We can all get good gh for under $100 a kit
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  4. puckhog

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    @MetalHeavy6 this is an open forum. You can post whatever you want here. That being said, it sounds like you have no idea what it takes to be a source. No one is going to buy from a random dude. Like evom said, we have at least 5 established GH sources on this board already. Does your guy have enough kits to handle the business meso can provide?
    What exactly were you hoping to accomplish here?
    Are you going to be a full blown source?
    Are you going to sell a few kits through PM?
    Are you willing to risk your freedom to make a few bucks?
    According to your handle join date you have been here for about 2 years now. You should know that meso vets sources pretty harshly here.
    My advice...don’t pussy foot around. Either establish yourself or leave this alone. I think you should leave it alone.
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  5. MetalHeavy6

    MetalHeavy6 Member

    Super helpful post. Ya, it was closer to $225 kit from 1-4. 5-10 was $200, etc.

    No i do not want to and cannot be a full blown source. Was just trying to push some kits for dude. Maybe make a kit for myself. Nothing crazy. I think you guys are right. Not worth it. I guess i’ll word of mouth it for him and maybe get rid of one or two for him. That is the extent of my aspirations and dreams. I think Meso would be a few steps above what he or i would want. Shit...i’ll tell him to come on here and post for himself and then everyone can brutalize him. I doubt he would hang around for that though. He’s old school olympic wrestler type and i don’t want to have to deal with his shit after you guys post pics of tattooed dick’s and tell him to suck one...haha.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Evom1

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    200-225 if it's generics no one is going to buy. We've got a source who's international and domestic that's been around longer than most guys have been using gh that's half that, others with a huge track record that are domestic and still less

    Don't risk it, not worth it
  7. bolder

    bolder Member Supporter

    This is probably the best idea honestly.

    Once you associate yourself with a brand or a source it will follow you without end. If things go bad you will be the scapegoat even if it’s out of your control.

    If he did decide to come here I think you’d be better not even mentioning you’re affiliated. If you do just know it may look like you’re standing behind the source and you will be put into the same category as the source is.

    If your member status means anything to you here I’d suggest to leave it be and just enjoy your time here as a member.

    Besides, if he’s a real good buddy of yours you should be able to get you a few kits at his cost! ;)
  8. MetalHeavy6

    MetalHeavy6 Member

    Yes, i should get some at cost. And my GF should not be an entitled bitchy fuck face....but oh well. lol

    I will take a pm about a $100 kit though in the future. ha.
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  9. The ole man

    The ole man Member

    Good sense of humor at least.
    Let the sourcing go and just be a member. It will serve you way better.
    Even pm sourcing will get you something you don’t want.
    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, is a lie! Tread softly.
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  10. MetalHeavy6

    MetalHeavy6 Member

    I meant i will buy a $100 kit considering my bestie will give me one at $200.
  11. MetalHeavy6

    MetalHeavy6 Member

    I am definitely not going to open myself up to sourcing or even dabble. I’ll just let people locally know if they ask.

    Come to think of it...i haven’t even gotten RAW tickets or anything. Actually, his GH source sent him a taiwanese fit bit that he couldn’t understand how to work he gave me that. lol

    It was funny seeing a big old school grizzly wrestler with his giant meat paws fumbling with a cheap foreign wrist watch. haha. Gotta love the guy. Thanks for the advice everyone!
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