Question about HCG test and primary hipogonadism

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    In a interview dr Michael Scally say:

    ..."The first phase of the HPTA protocol examines the functionality of the testicles by the direct action of hcg. hCG raises sex hormone levels directly through the stimulation of testis and secondarily decreases the production and level of the gonadotropin LH. The increase in serum testosterone with the hCG stimulation is useful in determining whether any primary testicular dysfunction is present.

    This initial value is a measure of the ability of the testicles to respond to stimulation from the hCG. Demonstration of HPTA functionality is by an adequate response of the testicles to raise the serum level of T well into the normal range. If this is observed the hCG is discontinued. The failure of the testes to respond to an hCG challenge is indicative of primary testicular failure."...

    And this article say:

    ...”hCG stimulates the Leydig cells in the testis to produce testosterone in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism patients without associated primary testicular disease. The dose of hCG should be adjusted until trough serum testosterone levels are restored to about the lower limit of the adult male range”...

    An update on male hypogonadism therapy

    So my conclusion was, if you get out of TRT, and after a while you start using HCG, and if during it, your testosterone get to a normal range (let's say 620 ngdl) you can say that for sure this person do not have primary hipogonadism, independent of HCG dosage used.

    Is that right?
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    IMO Total testosterone should get to upper or above normal limits on hcg so that when stopping it, T remains on normal levels = full recovery.

    A normal HCG dosage of 250-500 IU/week provides much more LH-like stimulation than your natural LH can ever provide, your pituitary can only make so much LH.

    So when stopping HCG the extra stimulus halts, and your testis now are commanded by the much weaker LH signal.
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    yeah. if ur LH is high or if ur running hcg and ur test is extremely low ur primary
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    If the problem is in the hypophysis or hypothalamus then it is secondary hypogonadism, not primary (the testis receives the signal from Lh and fsh, the problem is that the signal is not being sent)

    In the primary "testicular failure" basically his testicles no longer react to the stimulus of Lh and fsh.

    When the amount of HCG .. I have never seen protocols of 500 or 250 IU per week, I have seen these amounts in EOD, but still as a minimum

    For example, I have seen a testosterone stimulation test done by a laboratory in the following molds: 1500 ui of hcg every 8 hours for 4 days, after 12 hours of the last application, take blood: A normal man without hypogonadism who had 300 of testosterone at the end of the 4 days would normally be with his testosterone in 600, but a Man with primary hypogonadism would have testosterone below 100 after the same 4 days of HCG