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    hey fellows just a quick question i’m having trouble with.

    i made some test c using a basic recipe of
    10g test c
    1.0 ml BA
    10.0 BB
    29 ml GSO

    my first run with it i broke the whatman syringe filter, all the oil shot into the vial in a second.

    my second time was a success but i realized i had only filtered about 30 ml

    will this make a difference in the doseage?

    is it still 250mg/ml ? much thanks from the newbie
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  2. SuperSwede

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    You mixed it togheter before put in a vial?
    And the outcome was 30ml?

    Then it is 10g test, total test is 10000mg in 30ml (total)solution.
    It will be 333mg/ml

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  3. AnTabolic73

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    If you mixed it up and it was 40ml at 250mg per before you filtered it, and just some how lost the other 10ml, yes itll still be 250mg per ml for the 30ml batch. If you somehow messed up the recipe and then ended up with 30ml then the mg will be different. It will be more potent. So it really depends.
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  4. macabremitch

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    yeah it was all mixed together in the first attempt with 40 ml . when i refiltered i only did 30ml ( didn’t have big enough syringe) so i left the other 10ml in the first vial.
  5. macabremitch

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    yeah i still have the 10ml in the first vial my syringe didn’t fit the entire 40 ml volume. thank you very much . i just wanted to double check lol i got confused :confused:
  6. macabremitch

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    what do you think about the raws not being completely dissolved. if i remember correctly i think my solution was a little chunky before filtering, would this also effect my dosage?
  7. AnTabolic73

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    It should be clear and in solution before filtering. If it was cloudy or chunky, if i had to guess cuz im just assuming, whatever raws that wasnt in solution will be filtered out. Best ro make sure its clear using heat and stirring and proper recipe before filtering
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  8. macabremitch

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    ah damn, so it’s probably underdosed. my mistake for rushing. wish analyzer wasn’t MIA so i could test it
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