Question about needle and syringes

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by boxcar, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. boxcar

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    I plan on order from medical and lab supplies.

    Some syringes say "luer lock" or "luer slip"...I know the differences between the two, and want to get luer lock.

    My question is the needles from them dont say what type of lock or slip they are?

    Help on figuring out what needles and syringes will match?
  2. noah_k

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    Can probably tell by how it looks.

    Post it up and if that doesn't work, searching for the manufacture model # might
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  3. Candyskull

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    Med lab kind of sucks about that, but it's my understanding that needles are needles. They're made to fit both. And a word of advise for ya, don't buy syringes and then drawing and injecting needles. Buy syringes with the drawing needle together, and then just buy your injecting needles. Makes like easier.
  4. boxcar

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    So, could I buy from gpzservices and buy there 3cc syringes? Would that be okay? They are more detailed on everything.

    I plan on 21g 1'1/2 to draw and 23g 1 1/2' to shot.
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  5. TheGuy85

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    Don't make the mistake I did and poke big ass holes in your stopper with an 18g, also don't reuse same holes on the stopper or you will end up with a leaking stopper. I ended up using 25g to drawl. Now I think I will use 23 to drawl but I am using Test Prop and tren Ace, and the oil isn't very thick. Still is a pain in the ass pushing on the plunger when injecting into smaller mucles (delts, pecs), takes forever. But goes relatively fast in the bigger muscles. I am starting to hate pinning glutes, gotta fucking twist around to poke myself and stand there waiting to push all the oil in, shit is nerve racking.
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  6. sebas1231

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    Yeah I def recommend gpz I actually ordered from thee today
  7. Candyskull

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    I like med lab for their varriety, but whatever works for you. I would buy like 100 3cc barrels w/ 21g 1.5" attached, and then like 50 25g 1" for delts and quads, and 50 23g 1.5" for ventral glutes and dorsal glutes. I like Truemo or BD. Go cheap; get cheap. Not worth it to me.
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