Question about Primo Acetate (Bill Roberts)

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Reinheart, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    In a 6 week course with either 50mgs Dianabol or 100mgs Anadrol, would it be better to use 75mgs Anavar or 100mgs Primo Acetate?

    What in your opinion is going to give better results?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Would 150mgs of Primo be better?
  2. Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    75 mgs Anavar, hands down, compared to the 100 mg Primo Acetate.

    The 150 mg Primo would be a closer comparison and I am not positive but I would expect the 75 mg/day Anavar to still be better.
  3. hotterr

    hotterr Junior Member

    i am in favour of Anavar.. for me primo is not worth
  4. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    Thank you for the reply!

    I am thinking about primo because of it's low side effect profile and because it's not hepatoxic. I mean the combination of either Anadrol or Dianabol with Primobolan Acetate isn't going to make the liver suffer as if it would If I combined them with Anavar.

    So, whether i choose 50mgs Dianabol or 100mgs Anadrol, i should stick to 150-200mgs Oral primo?
  5. hotterr

    hotterr Junior Member

    for me best oral is anadrol.
    1-4 weeks at 100mg/ed = best strength gains
    if you can afford do anavar 100mg ed for 1-6 weeks:tiphat
  6. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    I love Anadrol as well. I want to run both orals for 6 weeks, that's why i am looking into primo acetate.
  7. Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    Hepatotoxicity would really be the only reason to favor the Primobolan acetate. However, duration of use is far more important than milligram amount, and there is nothing unreasonable about 50 mg Dianabol (or 100 mg Anadrol) plus 75 mg oxandrolone per day.

    But if you wanting to be extra-conservative there, 200 mg/day oral Primo would be a reasonable option to the oxandrolone.

    A disadvantage of Anadrol in this this situation is that you will have no aromatizing steroid at all, and estrogenic effect will drop below the normal range. I would add moderate dose hcg.
  8. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    Very good post! I found it extremely helpful! Thank you very much!

    I have one more question,

    If I used 300mgs of Test E or Test Prop, with 300mgs Primo Enanthate per week and 50mgs D-bol or 100mgs Anadrol, can I supplement my Primo E dosage with 100mgs of primo Acetate daily? That equals to a gram of Primo per week which I believe is a good amount to get anabolic benefits from.

    What do you think about this?
  9. Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    Unless the situation is that you have cheap Primo acetate powder and expensive pre-made injectable, or the situation is that you have the acetate lying around already at hand, it would be cheaper to just use injectable at the desired amount.

    But if it is one of those situations, sure, definitely you could supplement as described, to good use.
  10. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    Thank you very much for your precious advice! You have been most helpful! :tiphat
  11. Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader