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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by yosimdisam, Jun 22, 2008.

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    yosimdisam Junior Member

    Hello, im new here and ive got a problem so maby some of u can help.
    I took a cycle of tren 2ccs a week for a total of 10 weeks really before reading any thing about it and, I was told that about 3 weeks after I get off of it, it will cause my dick to be limp well they where right, I was wondering how long will it be before my body starts making its own test again? I was thinking about getting some test and taking it to get me back to my old self. If u have any information it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Robert
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    RockHard Junior Member

    Geez, man, you ran Tren and you never even read up on it? :eek: You should have had hcg, clomid, and either arimidex or Aromisin ready to go whenever you came off your cycle. I don't know what to tell probably have about 4 - 5 months of incredibly low natural test production to look forward to...If I were you I would start reading up and see if it's to late to run a decent pct. Could you even come up with HCG, Clomid, Arimidex, Aromisin, or even nolvadex? If not maybe try DHEA and some other over the counter stuff, gotta be better than nothing! :rolleyes:
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    Same here. I would get on studying these compounds listed and take what you need to get back to normal.

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    LifeSize Junior Member

    Your problem seems to stem from lack of knowledge..

    If you would have followed proper pct when done with your cycle you probably wouldn't of had this problem.

    I personally would go back on cycle running Test at 250-500mg a week. I would include arimidex or aromasin, and maybe even some Dostinex to lower your prolactin which must be through the roof. I would run this cycle for 6 weeks maybe 8 weeks.. Take hcg for 10 days @ 500iu daily. I would then follow proper PCT..

    PCT schedule...
    wk1 - clomid 100mg ED, 50mg nolva ED
    wk2 - Clomid 50mg ED, 50mg Nolva ED
    wk3 - 40mg Nolva ED
    wk4 - 40mg Nolva ED
    wk5 - 30mg Nolva ED
    wk6 - 30mg Nolva ED
    wk7 - 20mg Nolva ED
    wk8 - 10mg Nolva ED
    Continue at 10mg ED until you feel ready to come off..

    Most wouldn't recommend a cycle, just PCT..

    Maybe follow Dr. Swale's protocol?
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    dennis Member

    Just do pct..start out with hcg ed 750 ius 1st 7 days..then do 750 ius eod 7 days...then jump on nolva for 4-6 weeks.Lesson learned.....
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    RockHard Junior Member

    How much of your gains do you keep when you run your PCT like that?
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    LifeSize Junior Member

    Gains is specific to each person, and no cycle is the same as the next or the one before it.. No real way to gauge, and I have no need for such a through pct. Since he's shut down, and been shut down I figure it would be the best schedule.. It's sort of based on the protocol anti-aging clinics follow to see if they can kick start mens natural test production.. lots of hcg in short bursts...then semi-long term nolva therapy..

    He doesn't need to restart the cycle like Dennis said, it would help him get up and running and feeling good again though.. ;)

    You don't think 10 days at 500iu is enough? Would someone shut down hard have any increased risks with high doses of HCG? Just thinking..
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    iluvdeadlifts Junior Member

    Take Tribulus, DHEA, Yohimbe and Deer Antler all together. Best natural test booster combo you'll get. Take it after pct for 4-6 weeks and you should be fine.
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    LifeSize Junior Member

    Sounds like a potion! Is there a pre-packed version, or at least all that in capsules? what about doses?
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    gmblnmstr Junior Member

    For me I took my last stick in mid july and by sept I would do anything that moved. But I tapered off the tren and then had to go cold, without the benefit of pct.
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    solo47 Member

    Oooo yeah, deer antler should do it.:rolleyes:

    Somebody's buying into completely unfounded cultural mythology. Next you'll recommend Black Rhinoceros horn from the twenty or thirty of those critters left on the planet. The little-dicked Chinese have seen to that.

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    bobvongule Junior Member

    You never read up on tren but you took it anyway? Tren A or Tren E? How did you know how much to take or what effects it will have on your body? Blood work? Makes me wonder how experienced you are in the Steroid game? I'm guessing not very. No pct planned for one of the most hardcore of all drugs. Let me guess you bought it from some know it all at the gym for $200 for 10cc. I bet your under 25 and wanted to get huge and ripped at the same time. Now you're off you don't want to train and you can't get hard. Sound close? Don't get mad I'm only trying to help by bitching at you. Always have to have PCT. Some people don't need it, but I think everyone should use it. It may take months for you to realize you need and by then it is harder to do.

    2 options:
    get hcg, clomid, nolvadex
    clomid 200mg day 1, 150 day 2, 100 for 7 days and 50 for 7 more days.
    hcg 1500 iu's day 1 followed by 1000 iu's 5 days later and 500 iu's 8 days after that
    nolvadex 40mg for 1 week, 30mg 2nd week, 20mg 3rd week and 10 mg4th week

    Go on test prop for 8 weeks 1cc mon and thurs and then follow the same PCT

    Oh and next time come on here and ask questions before you start anything. You may get 10 answers but at least we will listen.
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    dennis Member

    Bob, I am going to have to disagree with you.He had 20 mls of he spent 400.00.
    By now hopefully his body is coming back on line..I would not use test prop.
    He needs 500-750 ius HCG ed then eod hcg 1st for a few weeks,
    Then he could start the nolva and clomid

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