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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Meathead74, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Meathead74

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    When you guys combine the MM and WSB workouts, on the MM weeks, do you just do the tues and sat workouts, or are you doin the assistance work too??? Inquiring Meatheads want to know :confused:

  2. AnimalMass

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    there is alot to my training, but to make a long stroy short, I do ME squat on Monday, Raw Bench on Wed (where I do raw work, occasionally speed work, and alot of assisstance), DE Squat on Thursday Night, and Shirted Bench on Saturday (where I do shirt work, boards, and rack lockouts.)

  3. dbc3po

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    another good post by am

    just wanting to post and say thanks fro helping me with my work out a few months back. i just maxed out and at 247 lbs i squatted 650(fell like i can get 700 soon) , benched 350, only pulled 455( had a pain in my back after first pull with 425). only suppportive things used were a belt and athletic tape on my wrist. any comment on these lifts would be app. am. once again thanks for your help and input
  4. Freddy

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    During the MM weeks, I only do their bench training. I don't do their other training days. My squat and deadlift training is always WSB style, even during the MM weeks. That never changes.