Question on Tren test.

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    Currently taking 400 mg tren A and the same for Test P every week. 125 MG EOD.

    My question is I’m about to begin a 6 week cut. Would it help or hurt to drop the test to 200 every week and raise the Tren to 500 Wk. trying to maintain what I have while dieting but not retain watter from estrogen caused by the test.

    I drop body fat quickly.

    Stats: 200 LBS 5’10 13-14%BF
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    125 eod is 500mg man

    Personally I wouldn't drop the test below 300

    I'd keep it the same, this may be obvious but you're still going to be loosing fat even if your holding some water, and if there's something you want to look good for you can loose water through diet and cardio manipulation
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