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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Logan44551, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Logan44551

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    So just decided to try and give up nicotine yesterday. Using the patch for a month. 21 mg for first 2 weeks, then illIstep down to 14mg second 2 weeks. Then off completely after that.
    I have quit a lot of different substances over the years. Nicotine has always been there throughout all the others though.
    Side note I left the patch on last night and had some crazy lucid dreams! I forgot about the dreams. I tried quiting in rehab years ago, I ended up smoking still but leaving the patches on at night for the dreams. Hopefully I have better lucj this time.
  2. DrinkFlintWater

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    I smoked during the years I was using. Cigarettes and dope kindve went hand-in-hand. Anyway, when I stopped, i tried everything; patches, gum, etc. Then i forced myself to stop buying packs. Then i found myself bummin' off people around me. Had a few a day in the days leading up to me stopping. Then i stopped cold. It was a mindfuck for a few weeks then it got easier...it was not an easy task my friend. The day i decided enough was enough with heroin, I stopped then and there. Cigarettes on the other hand were a little more difficult..anyway, best of luck to you. Keep your mind occupied on other things. Throwing in some HIIT training also helped as I remember.
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  3. Logan44551

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    When I quit heroin the state didntd give me much of a choice. I totally should have kicked cigarettes back then oh well. I am way more irritable than normal today
  4. Sk8man101

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    The vape pen things seem to work good.
    You can buy different amounts of nicotine.
  5. DrankSlangin

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    Good for you brother. I dipped for 17 years, started while playing baseball in HS. Smoked whenever in public where girls were around. I’ve quit a lot of drugs in my day, nicotine was the hardest. Patches work great but make sure you are religious about stepping down otherwise you’ll basically get hooked on patches like I did ha.

    So many think vaping isn’t bad. It is especially for people on PEDs. Nicotine hardens arteries, juice thickens blood. Bad combo
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    When I quit smoking I put on the 21mg patch and still smoked about 3-5 cigs a day then I went to the 14mg patch and smoked 1-2 cigs a day then I stopped the cigs and started chewing the nicotine gum while still using the patch then I stopped the patch but still chewed the gum for a few weeks then stopped. I’ve used this method twice the first time was for about 6-8 months this second time has been 3 years
  7. Logan44551

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    I just ordered some gum. I feel like a whiny bitch today at work. Thanks for the tip
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  8. Beano223

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    Cvs has flavored nicotine gum if the plan shit is too nasty for you.
  9. rpbb

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    I quit cold turkey this time, been almost 4 months. Tried all the other ways, patches and lozenges etc. Always started up when stress hit. figured this time I'd go through the withdraw and try to get it out all at once. Been almost 4 months now, cravings are finaly starting to go away
  10. Eman

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    I really think cold turkey is the best way... Otherwise, you're just trying to have your cake and eat it too. Just have to decide if you are in control or if you're going to let a substance control you.

    It gets easier and easier though. Eventually, you'll dislike the smell of smoke and wonder how anyone can do it to themselves...
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