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    Anyone heard of this? Stopping trt cold turkey with no pct to supposedly let the body reset naturally to see what happens? Or Ive also read stopping trt and do the power pct protocol to see if you can go on with out trt?. I'm just curious has anyone done either or know about either. Pros and cons?? Curiosity's got me. Or if someone has a study or something I can read. Thanks
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    I wasn't on TRT but stopped everything cold turkey at the end of my last cycle with no pct. Took a month off n got bloods pulled exactly at 30 days. Think my test levels were at 400-450. I can dig up the bloodwork if ur interested.
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    I would be interested if you don't mind?
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    No problem...test was actually higher than I thought Screenshot_20171102-093120.jpg Screenshot_20171102-093150.jpg
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    I know a respected member on here that has, with great results too the last I heard.

    I'll message him and see if he wants to talk about it, he may prefer to remain anonymous.
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    Hey I’m here and would definitely share my current situation. I’m eating with the family(pacific cod, steamed broccoli and quinoa if you wanted to know)currently but I will post tomorrow @HIGHRISK if you’re interested.

    I will find blood work to post as well. I believe it was at 7-8 weeks off.

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    It was a simple test c cycle of 500mg a week. Ran for about 10 weeks. I'm wondering if all the test hadn't cleared from my system after all it was only 4 weeks.

    No idea I got back on after the month break. I wanted to get a baseline number for igf-1 n didn't want any test or AI/pct meds to interfere with the results.
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    I’m curious of this as well. Been donating blood every chance I get and hct and hemoglobin have remained in the upper range of normal for over a year now (no bloods taken after donating). Debating giving it a little break here and there in between blasting and cruising (if it would even be beneficial).
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    Why would someone want to quit trt to “clean out”?!?!
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    Brotha I’m gonna go on a limb and bet you still had exogenous testosterone floating around in you? According to your LH/FSH hormone signal being so low? Don’t you think?
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    If you don't mind. I would be really interested in the entire process. Appreciate it.

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    Not so much trt but blasting and cruising also Orals and AI's. We as in many of us can call it trt because that's probably how it started. Well for me anyway. Then it became a cruise because I wanted higher doses then a normal "trt". So in turn that means my gear would then come from ugl and not an actual pharmacy. Do you know what's in your gear? I guarantee you don't unless your some kind of chemist. To me it's kinda makes sense to take a break and let the body do what it does best and heal itself. Not just AAS but with anything you put into your body that's foreign. I could be totally wrong as im no Dr. Im a truck driver lol. There's many reasons behind my thinking and interest some as I stated and some personal that id rather not discuss . This is why I'm doing some research to see if it is truly beneficial and pros and cons
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    very interesting! I wonder if that was your natty test, or still leftovers from the cycle. The LH and FSH are so low it makes me wonder if there was any natty test being made.
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    You might be right. This says cyp could take up to 44 days.

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    Not sure your diet but, I've always been slightly high on both too (trt).
    After last phlebotomy, I dropped red meat from 1-3 times per day to once or twice per week.
    They're both lower than when I started trt.
    Blood was drawn two weeks after last donation.
    And I will make note that, usually donations don't budge my numbers.
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    Let me know because I also eat a lot of red meat.
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    I stopped about 8 weeks cold turkey for a new endo. I lost some strength. Some size. My bloods I was completely shut down. Test was around 190. Physically I felt ok. But it's a giant mind fuck.