Qusestion about High BP medication

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Reinheart, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Reinheart

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    I am going to start my third cycle next week consisting of 750mgs Testoviron and 50mgs Anadrol.

    I do have a tendency for high blood pressure and I am afraid it might get a lot worse with Anadrol. My question is: Will a Proviron/nolvadex combo reduce the blood pressure by lowering circulating estrogen (thus less water retention) or do I need to look into bp medications?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I already have hawthorn berry in hand, although i sense it doesn't do much.
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  2. IanMac

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    Reinheart, I have used Micardis (telmisartan). At 40 increased blood pressure shows more than when I was younger on certain AAS. If you are prone to high blood pressure I would first look at using minimal doses of AAS to accomplish your goals, and dietary changes like limiting excessive sodium intake. Then supplement with a BP med if needed. I say this because some of the sides of AAS use like stressing the liver and kidneys, can be contra-indications for BP meds.
    Check the info at this link...Micardis (telmisartan)

    Good luck Bro, maybe someone else has experience with something else.
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    Run an AI (arimidex or aromasin) to keep estro under control, Reinie. Skip the anadrol; its affects are only temporary anyway. Almost anyone will have higher BP on 750 mg of Test, but the question is: Is it in the danger zone?

    I freaked out over my BP taken at pharmacies, so I bought my own kit. Still it was way up there, so I went to the doc. His measure: Just fine. I repeated the procedure each time I had visited my doc, and each time, average-high BP. Can't explain it, but apparently I had nothing to worry about.

    Hawthorn berry is a traditional folk remedy. Don't bet your life on it. I run CoQ10 and Coenzyme (CoQ10) Ubiquinol, but, most important is time off from AAS and even from weightlifting (occasionally).

    Avoid BP medications. Once you begin using, you're on for life.

  4. Reinheart

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    I had ordered a tub of d-bol (which i love) and a tub of anadrol so i could combine them but i received 2 tubs of anadrol so i am going to go just with it.

    I was thinking of running a-dex in the beginning but i have read in many people's logs that it did do shit about the side effects from anadrol.

    Regarding Hawthorn Berry, someone told me that it needs to be taken at very high dosages to do what it is supposed to do. We're talking 3-5 grams ed. If that doesn't work, i am going to go with a diuretic and see how that goes.

    Thanks for the response anyway, your advice was excellent as always my friend! :tiphat
  5. Reinheart

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    Hey Ian,

    I have run minimal doses with success but now i am in need of something more... drastic.

    My blood pressure is perfectly fine but sometimes it goes up a little bit because i like my food salty. If I don't eat as much salt as I usually do (and I don't when I am on cycle) my blood pressure is in the normal range.

    I just want to be on the safe side brother!

    Thanks for the info and the link! Sounds like something i wouldn't like to take!