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So I've been getting R&M for the past year been hooking alot of buddy's up with them and latley seems ppl have been saying it lost potency now my source is a very big well known powerlifter... after I've told him a few times that the gear hasn't been up to par he seems a Little irritated with it and says I'm trippin! Because it's the same gear him and his power lifting crew takes... but I've recently got anavar for a friend who said it was garbage and wanted to give it back and said I can even keep the money he wants asking for money back the test e I was also told was weak and the tren a and prop actully didn't nothing at all for me I've even got a buddy some cialis and it didn't do anything for him so I popped one myself and yea it was nothing special! So I was just wondering if there's anyone else out there that has came across R&M pharmaceuticals and if so have you been having the same problem lately?

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