R. Piana Knocked The fuck Out and blood pressure

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    Was checking my B.P. a little while ago after taking Pianas sleep aid. My b.p. was 117 over 65 and pulse at 70 bpm. This is the second time I have had these numbers. My normal b.p. is around 140 over 85 and pulse is usually around 80 to 90 resting .Not good I know. Was thinking maybe for temporary relief maybe this stuff could be beneficial. Anyone with maybe some medical background wanna chime in?
  2. If 140/85 is your normal BP off gear you should see a doctor, they will more than likely give you meds to deal with that.

    How are you measuring? Do you have a home monitor with appropriate size arm cuff?

    The pulse isn't overly bad really but could be better.

    If you're overweight then dropping weight can help (BMI is not to be scoffed at - obese is obese even if you have fully visible abs and can affect cardiovascular mortality)
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    Thanx for the reply. Actually I am on my first cycle. 500 mgs test c and 25 mgs Dianabol. My weight is 196 lbs at 6ft about 15 percent bodyfat. My blood pressure has always been high even as a skinny lad. You might be right about the b.p. cuff its very tight, my arms are 17.5 so cuff may be to small.