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  1. MaxVolume

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    Where’s the rabbit thread? IMG_2977.JPG IMG_3878.JPG
  2. Sk8man101

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    Haha how did this get stickied so fast?

    I think we just found Millard’s soft spot haha.
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  3. CoolBeans

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    How to make rabbit stew :p

  4. ickyrica

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    I've never had one but they seem like they'd be a cool pet. Do they smell? I had an aunt with a ferret and that thing smelled like ass
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  5. i like the idea of having a pet that i can eat, should push come to shove. :D
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  6. picholas

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    That's why I have one really fat friend...what?
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  7. Does the rabbit(s) that live around my backyard count? I do toss it some carrots and lettuce which he/she eats after it’s had it’s fill of grass.

    I noticed some mother fucker ran over a rabbit a few houses away and I was worried it was mine but thankfully I’ve seen it munching on grass in the yard in fact it scared the crap out of me 10 minutes ago as I was walking into my house, it charged out of the bushes lol.
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  8. MaxVolume

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    IMG_3898.jpg IMG_3533.jpg IMG_3054.jpg IMG_6786.jpeg
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  9. ickyrica

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    I have this rabbit in my new backyard. I'll have to get a picture of him. Dude just lounges out like a dog would. Even saw him rolling around on his back in a shady dirt spot. Brown with a fuzzy white tail. He's not going to like it when my dogs move in...
  10. MaxVolume

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    Like this? IMG_2420.jpg
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  11. chileandawg

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    well i tell to my lil sister - she have one rabbit- that rabbit is a badass subject haha. ie if you thinking in its food this subject is very dangerous cuz like the food but not the human friendship - at least my experience.

    Otherwise is a gentleman know exactly how must be its behavoir in society haha,a very diplomatic animal.
  12. picholas

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    "Paint me like one of your French girls"
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  13. MaxVolume

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    IMG_7099.jpg IMG_7101.jpg IMG_5132.jpg
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  14. valuum

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    my ex and I had a rabbit, when I was locked up (we had broken up) I called her to check in and flipped out when I found out she gave it away or back to the pet store. It was a cute little pet, I didn't think I'd like it, I figured it'd be like a big ass hamster. We could never get her to interact well with other rabbits though.
  15. DiegoVelazquez09

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    Saw a gif about rabbit fucking, oh boy, that shit is funny.
  16. Holidaypay

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    Had a white one they don't smell bad but aren't the best around little kids they don't have patience like normal pets an there bite hurts like a mofo plus they shit anywhere they r even your lap
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  17. BigNattyDaddy

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    Lol, I had a hamster when I was a kid and it would literally shit everytime it took a step, so I bought one of those mansion cages and kept it in there most of the time.
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  18. Holidaypay

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    I ended up keeping mine outside in a pen because that little fucker shit everywhere the wife thought it was so cute till we had to clean shit off the couch an living room table all the time
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  19. BigNattyDaddy

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    The hamster shit was small so it wasn't too bad to clean up, just imagine picking up grains of rice everywhere. Could never get the smell out of the cage either.
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  20. Apparently they can be trained to use a litter box pretty easily.