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    Hey guys,

    Its been a while since I've put up a post here but I wanted to update you guys on my progress and see if you all have any ideas on what i should do for my next cycle before I try and compete in a national qualifier for mens physique...

    So here's what ive done thus far-

    First cycle was
    Test E-500mg per week(weeks 1-12)
    Dbol 40mg EOD (weeks 1-4)

    Weight went from 220-235
    Could do 315 on the bench for almost 3reps
    Got up to a 435 squat
    And deadloft stayed the same because I dont regularly deadlift due to back issues so i substitute other movements to compensate for the lack of deads.

    Next cycle was when i tried to cut for a national qualifier and had a coach prep me-

    300mg test prop per week(weeks 1-9)
    150mg tren acetate per week(weeks 3-9)
    150mg winny suspension per week(weeks 1-9)
    I used a moderate dose of clen also to help the fatloss but not for that long

    Due to family emergencies i had to pull out half the way through the prep and turned the cycle into a bulking cycle

    My weight first dropped down to 204and then back up to 220 at the end
    - I could bench 315 for a max set of 9 reps
    -I could squat 405 for a max set of 12 reps
    - and finally i started to deadlift again and was able to do easy sets of 15 reps with 315

    So thats all ive done since i started cycling and was wondering what a good contest prep cycle i should do for the next time i try to diet down for a show. Currently im sitting around 230ish and would probably be stage ready right around 195 give or take a a few pounds. I have seen a lot of contest prep cycles for open class bodybuilding but not many for mens physque so suggestions from any experienced competitors or veterens of meso would be much appreciated.