rana's first anavar cycle

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  1. rana kamal

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    hey guys/ladies , so i decided to start my 1st Anavar cycle, here is a little bit about me.

    i have been training for 3 years on and off cause of a shoulder injury but i have been training consistently for 6 month now, i am from egypt so its a bit challenging , the gyms we have here is not that grat, offcourse we have very fancy ones but they are way overpriced, same goes to trainers, most of them are completely ignorant, and the well educated ones charge more than my whole yearly salary lol.
    so god bless the internet i am trying to learn and read as much as i can, and meso have been a great help as of lately.

    i was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at age of 16, struggled with anorexia for 6 years, and i truly recovered when i got into training and healthy eating, the passion i had for training outgrew the anorexia.

    so enough with the boring details, i decided to start anavar for several reasons, mainly for strength gains , and for my joints, correct me if i am wrong but i heared steroids are helpful when it comes to joints problems.
    i am on day 7 , started with 5 mg the 1st 3 days, then upped to 10 mg.
    planning to stay on 10 mg for 2 weeks then up it to 15 mg for 5 weeks ( if no sides with the 10 mg dose offcourse) then taper to 10 for one week and 5 for the final week. so 10 weeks in total.

    today i did my squats with 147 lbs ( that if you calculate the whole weight and the weight of the bar aswell) which is a new record

    leg press 154 lbs (new record aswell yay )

    leg extensions (drum roll) it was 100 lbs for each leg so total 200 lbs on the machine.

    i felt pretty good today, only sides so far are the sensitive female parts which i am not complaining about honestly other than that i am feeling great. will do my best to update here daily.

    i try to keep my cals at 1700 cals , my TDEE is 2000, so i am trying to cut back a bit, my diet is mostly very healthy 40% protein 40% fats 20% carbs.

    p.s english isn't my first language but i am trying my best.

    and i have been seeing some progress also , don't know its the anavar kicking in or working my ass off is starting to pay.

    here we go a pic just something to compare to later.
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    Subbed. This looks like it will be interesting, definitely going to follow along.
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    Im in
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    If you're squatting 147 for reps i bet you can do a lot more weight on leg press than 154.
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  5. rana kamal

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    I surely hope so, thanks!

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  6. rana kamal

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    Welcome :)

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  7. rana kamal

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    Yes to be honest it didn't feel that hard, i could surely increase the weights, but as i mentioned i have joints problems so i am trying not to rush increasing the weights, especially that the leg press machine in my gym is so damn heavy, heavier than anyone i used before.

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    True, well...it's definitely more important to make sure you dont screw your joints up than it is to push more weight. I would take it slow and maybe just add 10lbs a week or something because if you're squatting about 150 i wouldnt be surprised if you could push 250 or more on the leg press. I dont do leg press often but when i do i find i can generally do about double or more than what im using for squats.
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  9. rana kamal

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    Yes i increase 2 plates of 10 lbs (20 in total) weekly on the leg press, and same for squats. Although the temptation to add more weight is real lol, but i keep reminding myself no rana you will spend the night crying from your right knee, i also started wearing knee support on leg day

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  10. Wendylifts

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    Welcome. Great start!

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  11. Perrin Aybara

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    Using knee sleeves for heavy leg exercises and regularly using Voodoo Floss Bands has made a huge difference in keeping my knees feeling healthy.
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  12. tweek

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    Making good progress already :p
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  13. rana kamal

    rana kamal Member

    Thats a great motivation coming from a beast like yourself :), thanks

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  14. rana kamal

    rana kamal Member

    Yesss, it surely makes a difference with me too, my knee pain is very mild

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  15. rana kamal

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    Hahaha thank you, but i am still potato shaped lol, lets see if this changes by the end of the cycle

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  16. rana kamal

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    Day 7 :

    Its the weekend and i am really struggling with sleeping early, fell asleep at 5 am and woke up at 1 pm, not the best option for growing i know.

    Diet :
    2 tiny banans with cup of coffee for breakfast.

    Scope of whey before workout with my cla tablet and 5 mg

    Lunch: chicken breast with cup of brown rice with my cla tablet

    Snack: 1 apple.

    Dinner: 5 tbsp of beans. And cla tablet
    And 5 mg of anavar

    Scope of whey before bed.
    Scope of BCAA while training.

    Workout :

    Today was biceps/triceps day and the dreaded cardio.

    So here we go

    3 supersets of :
    Close grip barbel bench press ( 88 lbs+ bar)
    Wide grip ez bar curl (44 lbs+ bar)

    3 supersets of:

    Ez bar skull crushers ( 44 lbs + bar)
    Lying high bench barbell curl (22 lbs+bar).

    3 sets of dumbell alternate bicep curl ( dumbells of 22 lbs each)

    3 sets of reverse grip triceps pushdown ( started with 32 lbs and final set 42 lbs)

    20 mins HIIT cardio.

    4 sets of squats ( 44 lbs+ bar) just for the sake of working my glutes.

    I am really struggling withe eating i have no appetite whatsoever. It was really challenging today to drink my whey without throwing up.

    Overall i feel great, great energy during working out, joints are feeling better, only the issue of the high sex drive which is admired by my bf so can't really complain lol.
    Some workout selfies, i hope i am not offending anyone with the sports bra and cleavage
  17. Eman

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    Appetite can be tricky. It can change though as you adjust. If you're trying to grow, just eat what you can when you can.

    o_O no worries... ;)
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  18. rana kamal

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    Yea normally i am a girl of a big appetite, but those days it feels impossible to eat, and with work and the gym i barely have time for meal prep. But hopefully my appetite comes back soon, i am trying to lean out actually, i have a fair bit of fats to lose. Espcially around my midsection

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  19. It might be offensive...in Saudi Arabia.

    Relax Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore. No one here will find that offensive.
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  20. Major props from recovering from the anorexia. That is no small feat! Definitely make sure you are hitting your cals and macros for the cycle. From what I understand, Anavar can be a little painful with joints because of its drying effect. Taking it slow with increased weights would be wise. Leg extensions can be murder on knees.
    Oh, and your not hurting anyone's feelings posting up the pics. :cool:
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