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    I would like to introduce Rarity Labs! I got into brewing for financial reasons, the desire to make and use new blends, and just a general interest in doing it. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while and my friends and I have done cycles with it, I feel ready to take it to the next level. Once I made the decision to do this, I spent several months preparing. I now feel I have the product and the inventory to launch.

    All preparing/brewing is done in a sterile environment. Vials/stoppers/caps are sanitized in alcohol before being ran through an autoclave. The raws and other substances (MCT oil/BB/BA) are carefully measured before being systematically mixed together. After the brewing process is completed and the oil has cooled, all product is filtered through a 0.45um filter, and then again through a 0.22um filter. The finished product is measured into sterile vials before being capped. Gloves are worn throughout the entire process and changed when necessary. Other personal protective gear is worn to prevent any type of contamination. Final product is inspected for quality. Our products are always over-measured in volume.

    Although I offer some basic products, I also offer some blends that I’ve been working on for quite some time. There are other items I carry in an attempt to be a one stop shop, which will be listed in the price list.

    I have a minimum order amount of $100, but as an introductory offer, every $100 spent will grant you a $50 credit for the same order. So for example, if you order $150 worth of product, it will cost $100. There isn’t a limit to this, but to limit future confusion, I’ll be running this offer until a week from the date of this post.

    Injectables (10mL)

    Test Prop 100 - $20

    Test Cyp 250 - $25

    Test Enat 250 - $25

    sustanon 250 - $25

    tren Ace 100 - $35

    Tren Enat 250 - $45

    Deca 250 - $35

    NPP 100 - $25

    Mast Prop 100 - $25

    Mast Enat 250 - $35

    EQ 300 - $30

    hcg 5000iu – $25 (comes with vial of bac water)

    Blends (10mL)

    Test P 75/Tren A 75/Mast P 75 - $45
    Test E 200/Deca 200 - $50
    Test E 200/Test C 200/Test P 50 - $45
    EQ 200/Test E 200 - $40

    I can do custom blends as long as they sound realistic and doable. They will be more expensive since I'll have to do a custom brew for it.

    Orals 50mL (example: Anadrol 25 = 25mg/mL)

    Anadrol 25 - $30

    Winstrol 25 - $30

    Anavar 25 - $40

    Dbol 25 - $25

    adex 1 - $35

    aromasin 25 - $40

    nolvadex 25 - $35

    clomid 25 - $35

    sildenafil 25 - $25

    tadalafil 10 - $25

    Here are some of the recent tests done on our raws:


    Test Enat:
    Tren Enat:
    Payments: BTC or other cryptos are preferred, but other methods can be accepted depending on the situation.

    Shipping: USPS Priority Mail is free with every order. You can upgrade to Priority Express for an additional $15.

    Inquiries or questions should be directed to rarityus@protonmail.com

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

    -Rarity Labs
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    2nd 1st
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    Show us the autoclave, filters, pics of stock, basicly your whole set up with crumpled meso paper w/ handle and write TenGrams is daddy on it as well.

    How long have you been brewing?
    Previous handle?
    Tits or ass pic or your girl
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    And right on cue for Friday so let the games begin!
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    Well hello there. It’s gonna be a good weekend after all.

    So basically all orals come in suspension, and everything is brewed with mct?
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    Pics of set up - I can do all of that. I'll get my hands on a camera that isn't connected to a network and take them.

    How long have I been brewing? - 10 months. I know that isn't terribly long but I've done a lot within that amount of time and take pride in what I do.

    No previous handle but I've lurked a lot here, more than any other similar sites.

    An ass pic I can do. I'm pretty found of it myself and her actual face isn't in it anyway.
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    Subbed. I wanna see an Ass Raping. How did you come up with the name of Rarity Labs?
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    The ass pic will be great, we don't want to see her face.

    I appreciate the honesty not saying you've been brewing for years, though we still don't know it hasn't been 3 months.

    Why have you chosen oral suspension vs caps and what's it suspended in?
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    Let's see some pictures with paper and MY handle name on there... And meso with the date...I guess you can put that in there too.

    Also what "sterile environment" is this?
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    Ok @RarityUS youve got another request to go on the paper
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    Your logo had better not be a fucking cartoon horse
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    Let's go grandpa! What's the holdup? Are you using Windows 95 and dialup internet?
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    Probably using Windows 3.1 :D
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    I personally prefer it and believe you can dose more accurately, plus you can adjust doses with ease instead of having to dose in certain increments or try to split capsules. I use VG, 151 and flavoring. The way I do it mixes well and ends up tasting half decent.
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    where do i send the paypal?
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    We're going to have to decide on who's handle. Or I can include multiple ones. I have a small room, it's more of a closet really, that I've spent time converting for the better part of a year. I don't do anything else in there aside from brewing, and I don't go in there without protective gear.
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    @RarityUS where you at? Bet you'll miss questions we've asked.

    I have a feeling a certain member is about to show up who I've noticed has been trolling the shit out of threads...any minute now.

    Edit: I was late. I said to use my handle. Doesn't matter?
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    No way. XP and DSL, we're good.
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    Looks like I'll have to scrap my photoshop project.
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