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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Stretch, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Stretch Member

    So I have recently come across a source for raw powder, and I am thinking of making some Test Prop at some point in the future.

    My concern at this point is that the powder will be cut with something in an attempt to maximize product. Therefore "underdosing" the gear I will eventually produce.

    I am curious if there is a method whereby I could seperate the actual raw prop powder, from any possible cutting agents/fillers.

    For instance, if you were doing a fina conversion, you could dissolve the fina into Methyl Alcohol, this would dissolve the trenbolone acetate, allowing you to filter off the glue and binders, from the original fina pellets.

    I am wondering if there is a similar process where I could dissolve the powder I recieve into a chemical solution and filter off any possible fillers/cuting agents.

    Hopefully BR will have some input, although ANYONE with knowledge is welcome to interject.
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    newbie23 Member

    i dont have any issue-most suppliers should have a purity rating
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    Stretch Member

    I'm sure they will have a purity rating, but how can I trust it??

    They are criminals, (as am I), they are importing illegal drugs into the country so I'm not too inclined to "take their word for it".

    I mean I trust my UNCLE not to run off with my money, I'm just not sure that he won't try to turn a little extra profit. Ya know? If I'm buying a bag of weed, it might LOOK right, but I still put it on the scale when I get home.

    Well how can I put the prop on a scale?? that's what I want to do. I wanna KNOW.
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    drewbolic Member

    Not ness are they doing anything illegal.Most raw suppliers are out of Asia and other country's that hormones are legal and its not on them to know the legality's to the destination of the shipment.
    What I trying to say is that search around there are legitimate suppliers.
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    Stretch Member


    I fully understand that there are legit suppliers, I am merely curious if there is a scientific way of authenticating the powder after delivery. That's all.
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    Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    There are, but the methods are generally sophisticated.

    A difficulty here is that it would be unknown what might be used to cut the powder, if it is cut at all.

    A problem is that generally one really ought to do an experiment to see if it does come out as predicted rather than just say that it will, and I don't have any TP powder to do this experiment with.

    However, TP will dissolve pretty well in methanol I believe. I don't know to what concentration.

    Some fillers would not dissolve into methanol, so any such residue would indicate impure product.

    But others might dissolve.

    Another technique is to have a solution that uses authentic material along with a solution containing the tested material, and put drops of each on a flat surface such that for the most part the puddles (so to speak) remain independent but there is also a region where they mix with each other.

    If both samples contain the same thing, then the crystal pattern and appearance upon evaporation will appear uniform. If not, it generally won't.

    I think the pattern would not appear uniform either if there were a filler that had dissolved into the methanol, or other solvent.
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    TrainHard Member

    Let me talk to some people to see what I come up with. I can't remember from my chemistry days.
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    Stretch Member

    Thanks for the help BR.

    Your welcome to chime in if you have some new info TRAIN. I really appreciate it.

    A friend of mine who's opinion I trust, has told me that my uncle does in fact have legit powder, so I'm very confident now.
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    razorbladecity Junior Member

    i know z and he does.... gtg
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    OhNoYo Member

    If this particular matter concerns you, which seems completely legitimate concern, is there any way you can take a look at the shipment it was mailed in BEFORE it has been opened, Stretch?
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    Stretch Member

    I really don't understand the question ohnoyo.

    how would I look in the shipment BEFORE I open it??

    And how would looking at it help me determine the legitimacy of the powder??

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    newbie23 Member

    you just gotta trust your source bro-thats about what it amounts too
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    Stretch Member

    Ya, I'm figuring that out.

    I was hoping there would be some form of scientific method to test authenticity, and I'm sure there is. But I don't have a chemlab at my disposal.

    I have no reason not to trust my source, and I have several reasons TO trust them. So, I'll stop being paranoid now.

    thanks guys
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    OhNoYo Member

    From my understanding in your earlier posts, you thought that maybe the individual (who you are very close to) might "pinch" a bit of your raw powder & then put filler in it to make up for it. I stated that if there was a possible way for you to be around the shipment box before it ever being unopened and then weigh your powder immediately, this may erase your current fear of the powder not being 100% authentic test prop.
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    Stretch Member



    No. I must have been unclear earlier sir. I'm sorry.

    I was worried about my source in China sending me powder that was cut.

    I'm sure it was the UNCLE reference that confused you bro.

    Sorry, but I MEANT for that to go over the head of some bro's. It's like an inside joke.
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    newbie23 Member

    prop powder is cheap as dirt-the chinese have no reason to cut it-they make it-so it wouldnt make sense for them

    metals in the powder thats a whole nother debate
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    Stretch Member

    If the powder did contain metal it would be filtered off though right??? By use of a whatman??
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    OhNoYo Member

    I've never heard of metal in the raw powder but this is quite alarming and scary!!!!! :eek:

    As for the powder itself, it is extremely inexpensive to make and I don't really feel them to put filler in it at all. Also, don't they state the purity itself... don't some state 99%, while others state 95%? Furthermore, from my understanding, you have to order a certain quantity for them to even ship it, so I would feel that they would just ship you all legit powder IMO.
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    Stretch Member

    Ya, I get it now.

    I just hated the idea of ordering some powder and not having ANY way (short of cooking and injecting) to tell the validity of the product.

    But the consensus I seem to be getting is that most powder sources won't scam. So cool. Thanks guys. I'm g2g now.
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    OhNoYo Member

    Splendid news, Stretch! Plz keep us posted, Sir!

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