Raws For TRT Use

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    I have been on trt for 3 years and Im tired of all the Drs. co-pays, fighting with insurance so I picked some test-e and all the equipment to brew it, I only use .8 cc's per week and Im wondering whats the best way to store/use. Would I be better off brewing small amounts at a time. or a large batch? Which is better for long term storage, raws or finished product?
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    Raws stored in a cool dark place are good. I would brew like a years worth at a time if it were me, but if you have a small filter setup it might be easier to just do a few months.

    If I used the test raws I have for trt only... I would have enough to last me the rest of my life and still be able to leave a trt stash for my grandkids lol.

    Unfortunately, I don't do just trt dose so it's only enough to last me a few weeks. :cool:
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    Thanks for the reply, near as I can figure I have enough for 10 years. lol.
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    Lol, probably for the cost of just a couple vials of the pharmacy test and a copay.

    The doctors are another story I'm sure. Read through the testosterone sub on Reddit, you'll never trust an endocrinologist again. Poor middle aged guys getting a single shot of 200mg once per month, guys being told that estrogen isn't affected by the TRT... One guy was getting like 75mg every 2 weeks, his TRT bloods were lower than his baseline bloods lol and the doctor said they'd check again in 6 weeks.
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    It's crazy how fast the stock pile can grow when you get into the nitty gritty of this stuff. It's funny that grandkids are mentioned. I've been wondering what the hell I'm going to do with all of my test prop. I guess it's going to be part of an inheritance haha!
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    I started at a clinic and it wasn't a bad deal 600 a year and insurance covered the blood work. After 2 years they raised up the prices to 1300 a year. I got pissed and found an endo but this guy has cut me to .5 a week and bloodwork every 90 days this is where the co-pays are piling up. The endo wants me to get bloodwork the day after injection and his target tt is 500. too low for me. I feel great around 8-900.
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    I will look into that. I picked test e because its supposed to be the easiest to brew for a rookie.
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    I've given that some thought before... What are your thoughts on it?
  9. Currently using test undecanoate 500mg one shot every month for trt purposes and that seems to be popular. There’s other strategies and if your really interested I can share them.

    Test decanoate I’m using during this cycle since it has a long half life and you can pin it every other week or once a week and keep levels pretty stable.

    I travel for work and am gone Monday - Friday, so weekends are only time to pin. If I’m somewhere I like and it’s a multiweek job I have a way of getting supplies to myself and will use normal esters then.

    So far my experience with this strategy has been good but it does require a little extra thought and planning.
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    Definitely raws last longer.
    But finished gear seems to last 5+ years without any loss in potency.
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