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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by K0balt, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. K0balt

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    So gotta say I'm way excited to finally jump on the homebrew train and start cooking my own stuff. There's a ton for me to learn and I hope to pick it up with time from all the much more experienced guys on here, but there's one basic thing that's bothering me right now...and that's how to store my raws.

    Now I know I gotta keep them somewhere dark, dry, cool, etc. I'm figuring a good trunk in a place that won't ever be exposed to the elements or the outside will do fine. Especially since I've got in my hands more raws than I'll really be using in the near future, so I wanna keep my gear well preserved.

    But my question is how exactly do ya'll store your stuff? What I mean by that is...all my raws came in small bags. And I don't figure I'll be cooking something like 50 grams of test all at once. This is a big noob question but is there any specific type of containers ya'll use to keep your raws well stored? Maybe like an unsealed vial or such? And even then, how would you transfer your raws around without wasting some of it, since you're working with such small quantities? I've read up and a lot of folks seem to like just cooking all their stuff at once, but I don't think I wanna do that. There's gotta be some trade secrets.

    Also, along the same vein...does anyone have some advice on how you'd go about moving raws in a car during a long trip? I have plans of moving soon and the thought of my gear in a car during a summer day is concerning. I'd appreciate any help, thanks in advance
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    I mean I don't know of any trade secret but I just keep all my stuff in my drawer. Under the boxers and socks one =D. and I keep all my stuff in there beakers raws magnetic hotplate and stirrer everything. As for the moving it in the car its fine worst case scenario is your test melts but it comes from the supplier like that most of the time anyway wont damage the raws in any way. And personally at 50grams its not a lot I would just make it all at once saves time in the overall picture of things tbh and isn't a large amount. But good luck brother when you go to homebrewing I don't think you could ever go back to paying that £40 for 1 vial of test haha.
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    Right on, thanks man, appreciate the advice. That's what I had in mind too, as long as it's a dark place at room temperature then it's good to go. And yea brewing everything at once seems like a better idea, but I was wondering where I would put the leftover powder and how I would move it from one place to the other since I don't really wanna waste. I'm thinking a mason jar or something airtight like that would probably be the best. Or maybe even some sample bags like they use in labs.

    And yea you're right about the car. My test did come melted after all too haha. I'm thinking maybe I'd keep the stuff in a cooler or something on its own just to maintain temperature. Maybe with like a freeze pack all wrapped up and separate so the gear isn't affected.

    But without a doubt brother I don't think I'll ever go back to getting ripped off for gear again. Homebrewing seems more fun anyways ;)
  4. Blakeyy

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    Ye its defo a lot more fun I love it just a hobby of mine now. I never have any left over powder if I had example 30grams of something and wanted to just using this for talk sake 300mg per ml and just pretend that was 10vials I would change my calc for it to make 9vials and just use the extra 3grams so its all slighty overdosed and that way I have no powder left over.But ye I wouldn't worry to much about it melting as long as its not exposed to the heat for stupid amount of time your gonna be fine cause your melting it down to brew it anyway.
  5. ickyrica

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    One solution I've read would be in mason jars with silica packets, and in the freezer.
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    Just make sure they're properly sealed (airtight container, double zip bag works) and then no sunlight and heat follows.