Reached my natty limits and ready to go super sayian

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by AlphaDelta, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Whats up guys im new here and it just seems like the protocol to introduce yourself so Im Gabe, been lifting natty for 5 years and im ready to push thru my genetic limits and become Goku... Lmao.
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    Welcome to the neighborhood
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    Chilean laugh
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    Welcome bro. What type of lifting are you into? Stats? Maybe a pic in a thong for the fellas?

    Lots of wicked smart guys here to help you gain more without using aas, unless you are going to use regardless.

    If you are going to cycle do yourself a huge favor and get baseline bloods now. You need to know what your natty levels are. The one mistake I made and I still regret not doing...
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    I use to do strictly bodybuilding but Ive been incorporating muay thai and bjj as well. When I lift I like compound movements as the bulk of my lifts and then accessory comes after. My stats are 5'9 and I fluctuate around 195 pounds, not that lean but lean enough to see abs. Ive tried bulking past this weight but I just seem to gain fat, the muscle gain is minimal if anything. Why are bloods important though?
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    If u don’t know what ur natural test level is how will you know if u recover after cycling
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    Wedo for the win.
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    I made the same mistake as u brother ... ended up on trt at 28
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    It's short money for peace of mind and having a clue.
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    Why cant you just use hcg and go off? From what I understand youll definitely lose gains, but at least your dick will work.
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    U have a lot to learn brother before u start cycling
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    From what ive researched, hcg preserves testicular size and testosterone production if used while on your cycle. Is that not true?
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    Bro science
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    Doctor/PA told me the same, and I'm about to start TRT
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