Real expiration of Test Cyp

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by tusoa, May 17, 2018.

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    I was cleaning out under my sink and I found two vials I must have overlooked of 200 mg testosterone cypionate. They're both 10 milliliter bottles, so it's like finding gold. Unfortunately they're stamped expiration of 12/2017. Is this accurate or is this just a suggestion that the manufacturer puts on there. I'm guessing they're from 2015 or 16.
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    Basically irrelevant
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    So it's like when they put expiration on a bag of salt, it's just something they do but it lasts much longer, I'm hoping?
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    Go read some of the studies Harvard did on pharmaceutical expiration dates. They tested meds 10+ years old with minimal difference in bioavailability from new meds. Caveat, they were stored properly and not subject to extreme heat/cold/humidity etc.
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  7. Use 'em!
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    Appreciate that. That actually makes me feel better because I found a new source for hcg, which is normally kind of pricey. But all of their vials that expire within 6 months go on half price. I almost bypassed the offer but 11 bucks for 5000 IU's of a pretty good deal.