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  1. Khalil82

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    I remember Rich Piana talking about how the IGF you get nowadays isn’t real.
    However, most sellers are able to provide HPLC testing certificates that usually indicate a 95%+ purity.

    How does one tell if the IGF is real or not? Does the powder in the vial being a plate or dust matter? Do bubble shaped clumps stuck to the bottom of the vial matter?

    As another note, are we allowed to ask about source verification anywhere on these forums?
  2. Eman

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    Rich Piana said a lot of things...

    Lab analysis is the only way to really know if you have real IGF. Even lab analysis can present a host of problems when testing GH and IGF.

    You can ask about sources. But, you're just going to get some people's experiences for the most part... Not many people use IGF and if they do, they're unlikely to have it tested.
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  3. TRT

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    Ya I notice that. People will pay for IGF which is expensive compared to GH and yet they never get it tested. If I was gonna pay that much I' tested.
  4. Wisco

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    I was given a source by a member at another forum and tried IGF1-LR3 for the first time, due to knowing how many fakes were out there. When I took this stuff I used 100mcg post workout and felt pumped the rest of the night! The LR3 has a super long half life so its good to take before bed, wake up in the morning and still feel pumped. I never tried it pre workout since I was running GH and would use that pre but I would imagine its pretty good
  5. Khalil82

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    I was under the impression that LR3 is just taken to keep IGF levels up daily, while DES gives you the pump due to its quick metabolism and short half life.

    Regarding a source I was wondering about: There’s this site called “”

    Back in the day, there was a .org version known to distribute pretty good HGH. It one day closed for some unknown reason. Then this came back as a .com and I was wondering if it was still legit, or it was a group of scammers trying to leech off a good old source’s name.
  6. Wisco

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    I would tend to lean toward the later of the 2, lots of dickbag scammers out there. Just like that POS Pharmaloot, took me for $2800 right after Xmas this year with his sale on TheGraytops and Hilma Biocare AAS. Would really like to track that fuck down and beat his face in!! I saw he was here as well taking peoples hard earned money
  7. Khalil82

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    Damn brother. $2800? How good of a deal was it to spend that much in bulk?

    And are you sure he didn’t just make a mistake? What’s he’s doing on the forums if he’s scamming?
  8. master.on

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    Anyone can fake an "HPLC report" these days - the free, open-source HPLC simulator

    So your only alternatives are
    A. real pharma Increlex = 6 figures per year
    B. True lab grade IGF1 = 5 figures per year

    IGF-I, human recombinant | 4119 | BioVision, Inc.

    R3 IGF-1 human recombinant, expressed in E. coli, lyophilized powder, suitable for cell culture | Sigma-Aldrich

    Recombinant Human IGF-I Protein, CF 291-G1-200: R&D Systems
  9. mands

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    You're numbers are way way off my man. You can get 10 mg for around $1200 easy. Do the math. 10 mg should last you around hundred days give or take. And that's running 100 mcg's post workout. Which seems like way over kill to me.

    So you are looking around $4000.00 max for real Increlex a year.

  10. master.on

    master.on Member

    40 mg (4 ml at 10 mg/ml) for about $4000
    INCRELEX Prescription Price Comparison | Compare Drug Prices | ScriptSave WellRx

    50 mg for $3650 (thus 40 mg cost $2920)
    1 g (1000 mg) for $36,000 (thus 40 mg cost $1440)
    IGF-I, human recombinant | 4119 | BioVision, Inc.

    And this without too much looking
    so it's likely you'd find even better deals on real lab-grade igf-1.
  11. Wisco

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    He took a bunch of peoples money and split, posted a link on his sight saying he was busted by the FBI!! SO FAKE. He was selling them at $90 a kit for anything over 10kits at a time, so I ordered 30 kits
  12. master.on

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    How many igf-1 mg was each kit supposed to contain?
    so we can calculate his $/mg figure.
  13. ProfessorX

    ProfessorX Member

    10mg - $1200


    Is that for actual IGF1 or IGF1 LR3

    Reason I ask is my HRT Clinic let me know that compounded IGF1 is now available

    So that’s real IGF1 and not IGF1 LR3

    Totally two different you know of.course
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  14. master.on

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    If I'm not mistaken
    Increlex is igf-1
    and not IGF1-LR3
    am I right?
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  15. ProfessorX

    ProfessorX Member

    Yes, correct

    With Increlex, you are injecting exogenous IGF1......similar to injecting exogenous GH

    Not the same with IGF1 LR3

    Different MW....different protein.....
  16. master.on

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    Do you know if IGF1-LR3 will show on (igf-1) bloodwork?
    I've just glanced at studies that seem to suggest so.
  17. ProfessorX

    ProfessorX Member will not

    Its not “bio identical” to IGF1

    Blood Serums are detected (LC/MS/MS)

    Since Molecular Mass/ Molecular Weight are not the’s not detected

    It’s not the same

    IGF1 - 7649 da
    IGF1 LR3 - 9111 da

    It is an analog
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  18. mands

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    Hey big guy! Good to see you. How are you?

    Yes igf-1 not LR3.

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  19. ProfessorX

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    Doing well

    The compounded IGF has been available for a bit clinic is just offering it now...

    So thanks for that post M
    Very good info
    That helps
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  20. Khalil82

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    Interesting. I thought the compounds taken were igf-1 LR3 and DES, which raised human IGF-1 levels. I did not realize there was a separately injectable “IGF-1.”

    So do sites like just take your money and run? Or do they just ship out products, which could potentially be bunk?