Real or fake mast-p & test-e w/ pictures

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  1. maevar

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    Some stuff I ordered just arrived, but I am getting my gear from a new source now and I have never used these brands before. Ugl for sure.. does it look legit tho?


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    HIGHRISK Member

    Where did you order from?
  3. maevar

    maevar Junior Member

    Well, basically from a guy that a friend knows lol (what could possibly go wrong). I live in Norway.

    HIGHRISK Member

    Well punch labs I've never heard of.

    Not much on omnia. Your bottle says made in the USA which seems odd if you live in Norway. Plus it actually gives a state where it was made. Maybe a knock off? Someone stealing a real Pharmas label ? I'm no expert though. Seems fishy
  5. ickyrica

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    Pin it to win it!!!

    Gainzzz bro
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  6. maevar

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    Yeah, I agree.. it does seem weird. Guess I'll just have to try it to find out!
  7. Brolloks

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    Did you try the verification code on the omnia website?

    Same UGL is sold here.
  8. maevar

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    Yeah I did. It was invalid, lol. I guess they just copied the label..
  9. Brolloks

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    I got an Omnia sample off my guy. The font used for Test E on your vial is wrong, and the oil looks a bit too dark for MCT. Mine is crystal clear:


    Mine might obviously just be a better fake than yours - the verification code is the same as the sample label on their website :D
  10. maevar

    maevar Junior Member

    Hahah! Yeah, well at least yours look better :D I'll know in about a week or two if it's working or not lol