Real or fake peptides

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  1. Khalil82

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    Bought a variety of different peptides from Alibaba, but they all seem to be the same, just with different cap colors.

    The thing is, I have bought igf-1 LR3 from Extreme Peptides before, and the powder in the bottle seemed somewhat different from the IGF-1 LR3 now.

    What’s the best way I can test for quality? The issue with something like HPLC is that it requires what will have to be probably 10 bottles worth to test, all the while being an expensive testing method.
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    hm, use it and listen to your body!
    better way, send it out for hlpc testing or whatever is needed..
  3. Burrr

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    Melatonin 2 . If it's real it makes you tan. ghrp-6. If it's real you get hungry.
    Everything else is somewhat guesswork.
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