Real or fake? Veteran help?

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    Afternoon all,

    Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction if you think these are real or not.

    I know time will tell, and I had sustanon with the same label as the boldelone here and noticed strength and size as well as side affects of acne and bloat.

    I also received some Anadrol in a bottle that looked like the boldelone vials company as well, and they were pressed without any lines or numbers on it.

    Just wanted some veteran .2cents

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  2. Really can't say, man. We could only hazard a guess.

    Though that Test looks cloudy as fuck. Is it crashed or is that just bad lighting?
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    I think it may just be the lighting. It looks normal and good when it’s shaken up, sometimes it gets blotched up at the bottom which can kind of be seen in the picture
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  4. Got ya'. Well, there's two ways to find out if what you have is legit. Use it and get blood work done, or wait for the good ol' feelz, or ship a small sample off to have it tested.

    Not familiar with the UGLs you have there, maybe someone that has used them before will comment, hopefully.

    If you decide to just run it, update the thread and let us know how it went.
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    Does my test look crashed at the bottom? I heated it up today and it went back to normal solution. I think it’s very minuscule crash if any at all. Little bit of PIP but that’s not unusual. After heating it, just a little bit of shake before seems to do the trick. Would love any thoughts though if it’s crashed or not, never had this situation before.
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  6. If it went from cloudy to clear, than it was crashed.

    Putting a little heat to it won't hurt it, even if it wasn't crashed, and doing so prior to an injection will cause it to flow better, and has been said to reduce pip. Win, win!
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    That test looks like milk.
    Bad Lighting or not
    You shouldn't have to shake test up to make it look clear.
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    Your test is crashed.
    Considering it’s test e, and it says on the side what supposedly brewed with i’d say that’s a bad sign.

    Next, that source put their bold in the Amber glass. IMO also not the best sign, it’s not really light sensitive so the only purpose it serves is it covers up imperfections that might be in the gear.

    Lastly, you asked if your gear is “real or fake”. I guess the right answer would be neither because this is an underground lab’s brand. Not pharmicutical quality.
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    Yeah seems like that may be where it came from haha. My source said he had links within a biker gang for the gear so that seems accurate.

    Haven't been on the forums but the cycle has been going well running these compounds. I have seen significant size increase and mild sides, mostly just shoulder acne. It's doing something. I have access to much higher quality gear that comes in a box from the pharmacy now, so I am going to use these up and leave the UGLs alone for awhile. Appreciate y'alls input though.
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  11. Dare i ask? The pharmacy gear that comes in a box, what's the name of the manufacturer?

    The reason i ask is, some UGLs try to replicate pharma with close to identical labels and fancy boxes to deceive the buyer into thinking they're getting the best possible quality, when in reality, it was likely brewed in their kitchen.
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    Here it is. The vials come in a box but this is a bottle

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    Here’s the bottle

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  14. Does that say Amsterdam Pharmaceutical? If so, i didn't get any hits on it via a Google search.

    Can honestly say i've never heard of it. Is it from the US?
    Not sure how other countries handle labeling of scheduled drugs, but that bottle doesn't bear any of the typical markings.

    If i had to guess from the pic, i'd put my money on it being from an UGL.