Recent bloodwork, pretty bad

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by jasonlv, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. jasonlv

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    Here is the bloodwork I had done In response to my other thread (I did all of the tests suggested by SWALE in the stickies)

    Test is low, estrogen is high, FSH is practically non existant, etc... now what?


    I have been very unlucky dealing with endocrinologists out here and am willing to fly anywhere necessary in the US to establish a relationship with a competent doctor... anyone have any suggestions?
  2. HeadDoc

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    look like some inflamatory process going on and of course some indication that there is hypogonadism--perhaps secondary.
  3. jasonlv

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    i believe my hypogonadism is secondary however my total test levels were always low (around 324 before any AAS usage at the age of 23)

    this test was taken after an attempted pct with nolvadex & hcg... before this my LH was <0.3 and FSH was <0.3... my total test was 54

    it looks like the PCT didn't do much for me... I feel like crap, have ED problems, can't focus, can't sleep well but always tired, up & down emotionally

    I've been prescribed 100mg of test cyp from a local endo but i don't think he is as qualified as some other doctors out there & am trying to determine the best doc to visit

    any suggestions?
  4. keith2775

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    You seem to know alot about this so i'm going to ask you.... About 2 yrs ago i did some cycles involving tren, test, (superdrol) and deca... now i piss atleast 20 times a night i've tried about 5 different bladder control medicines, its torture i can't get any sleep, i'm always tired and i can never sleep, and I have brain fog, not to mention some anxiety that i hate to admit, what do you think, i'm mostly concerned about the brain fog and sleep issue, really i just want to feel refreshed again, able to go out and have energy, i can't take it anymore, any suggestions on what kind of blood tests or hormone tests i should do........please help me
  5. jasonlv

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    Hey Keith, check out this thread

    The Dr lists all of the initial labs you should run. If you can get your doctor to do this for you so your insurance will cover it that would be awesome. If not expect to spend around $600 or so. A comprehensive panel package like this would be good Blood tests for diabetes, thyroid and cholesterol ($489)

    I know my hormones have been out of whack for a while now and it has lead to a lot of strange feelings and mood swings... I sometimes get so overwhelmed with the stupidest things that I have nervous breakdowns (and I NEVER had this problem before). I personally feel like my anxiety stems from a lack of confidence / well being. I feel like I can't tackle a lot of things anymore and it eventually gets the best of me because I get so negative I think it will never get better... is this kind of how you feel?

    If you have the money & are in this situation now is not time to stress off the price! I'm sure you know how shitty you're feeling and chances are its because of your AS usage.

    Good luck man! Get on it & lets find out whats wrong!
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  6. HeadDoc

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    did you do hcg thru the cycle?
  7. JanSz

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    That is good to remember.
    But double checking, this number is from before you took any steroids, right?
    Do you have LH & FSH from before steroids use?
    Do you have any other blood tests from before steroids use, post them here.
  8. jasonlv

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    I don't have this test anymore, it was online and it was a generic hormone panel (it did not have LH, FSH, Free Test or Estrogen). It was basically a metabolic panel along with total testosterone

    I had some other tests done while on AAS and my LH was 3.7 & FSH was 1.7 (this was in 2005)