Recommendation for pen needles and insulin syringes?

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by Evom1, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Anyone have a recommendation for where to get pen needles and also regular insulin syringes ?

    I know of a few different sites but they all have one at a high price and the other at a low. I Googled it and alot came up, but I just want to make sure I go with somewhere trusted. I usually go through healthy kin but their pen needles are like $43 right now!
  2. DragoT

    DragoT Member

    If you're in US, have you checked Amazon and Walmart respectively?
  3. TideGear

    TideGear Member

    Have you tried eastcoastmedicalsupply dot com? I believe the 15% off code is REORDER15
  4. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Feels weird to order them on Amazon honestly But I looked and you're right.
  5. tenpoundsleft

    tenpoundsleft Member

    I just use 28/29ga slins and pull up a tiny amount - currently 10IU. It goes in like a hot knife in butter, the soft rubber on the insulin vials don't do any damage to the needle.
  6. Evom1

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    ..... Right.... I'm not sure why you're telling me this. Is there a different way to do it? Lol
    I use syringes for my vials and pen tips for my pens
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  7. tenpoundsleft

    tenpoundsleft Member

    No need to bother with the click pens if you have the U-100 type syringes
  8. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member Supporter

    I don’t use the pens but syringe I only buy easy touch from easy touch No 3 ml etc. but I rarely need those anyway. Their u100s are excellent quality. About $15/box, Maybe not the cheapest, but I’ve gone with cheaper brands before and been very disappointed.
  9. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Anyone try otc warehouse ?
  10. coz

    coz Member

    I can walk into my pharmacy and buy all my pins OTC - no questions asked ... easy in Asia :)
  11. aanold

    aanold Junior Member

    That's usually where I find the best price on insulin syringes.