Recommendation for pen needles and insulin syringes?

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by Evom1, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Evom1

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    Anyone have a recommendation for where to get pen needles and also regular insulin syringes ?

    I know of a few different sites but they all have one at a high price and the other at a low. I Googled it and alot came up, but I just want to make sure I go with somewhere trusted. I usually go through healthy kin but their pen needles are like $43 right now!
  2. DragoT

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    If you're in US, have you checked Amazon and Walmart respectively?
  3. TideGear

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    Have you tried eastcoastmedicalsupply dot com? I believe the 15% off code is REORDER15
  4. Evom1

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    Feels weird to order them on Amazon honestly But I looked and you're right.
  5. tenpoundsleft

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    I just use 28/29ga slins and pull up a tiny amount - currently 10IU. It goes in like a hot knife in butter, the soft rubber on the insulin vials don't do any damage to the needle.
  6. Evom1

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    ..... Right.... I'm not sure why you're telling me this. Is there a different way to do it? Lol
    I use syringes for my vials and pen tips for my pens
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  7. tenpoundsleft

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    No need to bother with the click pens if you have the U-100 type syringes
  8. bob hughes

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    I don’t use the pens but syringe I only buy easy touch from easy touch No 3 ml etc. but I rarely need those anyway. Their u100s are excellent quality. About $15/box, Maybe not the cheapest, but I’ve gone with cheaper brands before and been very disappointed.
  9. Evom1

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    Anyone try otc warehouse ?
  10. coz

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    I can walk into my pharmacy and buy all my pins OTC - no questions asked ... easy in Asia :)
  11. aanold

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    That's usually where I find the best price on insulin syringes.
  12. Zyzż_

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    I have U100 insulin syringes and need help finding the dose to equal 2000IU of hcg here’s the link to my post I just really need help because it’s my first tome using hcg
  13. Zyzż_

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    They look like this

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  14. Evom1

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    How much hcg is in your vial and how much bac water did you put in?
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  15. Allow me to shill for a moment:


    They have everything you need at affordable prices. :D;)
  16. i picked up 100 of those from the link i just posted.

    The needle on them is so thin/flexible that i got nervous about using it.

    It did the job, but after using the same needle to draw from my vial, it wasn't as smooth as i would have liked.

    i got 99 left, so maybe it was a fluke? Guess i'll find out.
  17. Evom1

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    I use them, they're great but their pen tips are high. Ended up just getting the tips off Amazon for $10
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  18. Zyzż_

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    With the HCG Ovitrelle .5 mixed with 2.1 ml BAC water you have 6500 IU in 2.6 ml.

    And my needle looks completely different from others I’ve seen? And idk what U100 means either and just wanna make sure I do this correctly since it’s my first time using hcg
  19. Evom1

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    OK so I'm going to write the math out for you so you know for future reference

    6500 divided by 2.6 =2500

    This means in every ml (100units on an insulin syringe) you have 2500iu of hcg.

    Your syringe has 30units, it's like a mini syringe

    2500iu in 100units meaning each unit is 25iu therefor your 30unit syringe holds 750iu of this particular mixture

    In order to get 2,000iu you will need to inject 80units. So fill your syringe once to the 30unit mark and inject, now grab a new syringe and do 30units again, now grab a new syringe and do 20units.


    80units x 25iu per unit = 2,000iu
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  20. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member Supporter

    I get 28g 1/2” needle, use em for everything gh, hcg, aas oils for delt shots. Only on a heavy blast do I resort to the 3 ml anymore. Thick oils do take a bit to fill with the 28g but thinner ones are real quick. But never had any issues. I love em because the plunger glides very smoothly though, with many other brands I’ve used the plunger would grip the sides of barrel. Used to use bd exclusively but tried these liked them and cheaper. Hope the first one was s fluke bro sorry if I steered u wrong
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