Recommendation's for a training plan for hypertrophy/bulk

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by D0017, May 11, 2019.

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    What training regimens have worked well for others it terms of muscle gain? What would you recommend? . I'll be eating 500Cal above maintain for this bulk.
    Currently at 205lbs, 13% , 6ft
    I don't care about strength as much as I do overall growth. Have been on a 4 week rotation (3 series)main lifts 3 sets 12, 12-10-8-6-4, and 5x5 for about a year now. Looking to change it up and make the most of this bulk.
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    Definitely drop the 5X5 - it's a novice program.

    Go with a basic DUP scheme. You'll blow up with all of the extra volume, long as the recovery is there.
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  3. John Meadows programs are great. Layne Norton wrote the PHAT Program which is also high frequency and I really enjoyed. You can look up Jeff Nippard or Jordan Peters they all have different styles but all lead toward the same goal. The deciding factor I believe comes down to nutrition. Personally I’m on the same boat starting a bulk. I’ve taken some notes from Matt Jansen and a couple others I follow. Most body parts are trained 2x a week but the volume is low to moderate and intensity is extremely high. May only do 3-4 exercises per group with 1 true working set of 5-8 to complete failure for each exercise. Depending on how that set feels I may drop the weight 15% and aim for a set of 8-12 or if I nail 8 reps and feel I have more in the tank to push I’ll add 5-10lbs and go for another set of 5-8 after I feel completely recovered from the previous set. I have 2 rotations of different meat and potato exercises for each muscle group that I use each week. When I feel stalled out I’ll take a deload and rearrange movements, maybe add some new ones, maybe throw band work in, and repeat.
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    Nobody has said it yet, but Doggcrapp training. I've been doing it for about 8 weeks and all of my lifts are up as well as my weight.

    It will beat the shit out of you but it's a lot of fun because of the sheer variety of movements. It's mentally satisfying to hit PRs every time you step into the gym.
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