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    can any one give me a little insight I'm looking to get gear I have a source and I'm more less looking for advice from someone that has the experience this will be my first cycle and I'm doing as much research as I can on test and few other but don't wanna start with a crazy amount of gear figured start simple and go From there I'm seeing Tons of different test from my source and I'm gonna stuck by not know what I should be using like oil based or suspension & oil versus injection any insight please give me a shout out like I said I wanna start off simple and then tweak it as needed thanks guys
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    Damn man, pump the brakes. I hate giving this response but: you need to keep reading.

    You're not even really asking a question here, you're just letting everyone know you're starting a cycle and to give you advice... It doesn't work that way.

    Look at the cycle log section and read through some first cycle threads... That helped me when I first started.

    Best of luck.
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    Thanks man
  4. Also, if you're from where your profile states you are, edit that avatar. You got your face out there for the world to see, while broadcasting that you plan to engage in illegal activity.
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    Yeah idk why the fuck that photo wasn't cropped I fixed it thanks
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  6. Good man!

    While i've never heard someone say they got in any sort of legal/personal trouble by having their face in their avatar, you never know who will venture upon this site. Better safe than sorry.

    Also, welcome to Meso. :)
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    Yeah good call that was my mistake to not check the file I uploaded thanks for catching that shit bro
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    sustanon 250 anything I should add to this for first cycle ? And best tools for pinning. Size of pin in particular
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    After you read everything to the point that you can probably answer your own questions, look into a test only cycle around 400-500 mg.
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    I read about three different kinds of test on this site alone and I'm really torn on which is gonna be the most useful they have same side effects I notice half life of each a bit different and dose size and the suspension seems like a no-go for me
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    It’s all the same test, just different esters. Since you will be doing a test only cycle, get cypionate or enanthate. That way you will only pin 1x or 2x a week.

    Get the shortest 18g pins you can find for drawing from the vial, go for 23g or 25g 1” or 1.5” pins for pinning.

    Before you embark on this journey, you need to heavily research pct and nutrition. You will be suppressing your natural test production, which will lead to all kinds of problems physically and mentally and loss of gains without proper PCT. And if your nutrition is not dialed in, you won’t get much out of your cycle. Do yourself a huge favor, dial in your nutrition before hand.
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    Great info to get me started thank you and now I know what I need to be reading up on for after I'm done with the cycle also because I don't wanna half ass anything or not be on point and end up fucking my self up which would defeat the point of taking anything