Reconsitution guidelines/Injecting air into HGH prior to drawing?

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    Most of the HGH (and even peptides) I've gotten seems to be heavily vacuumed sealed. The second I put my bac water syringe into it to reconstitute, it pressure from the HGH vial pulls out my bac water without me even pressing in the syringe. Is this normal/expected?

    This also leaves another issue, when I go to draw HGH, it becomes quite difficult to draw out unless I inject some air into the vial right before I draw. Do any of you guys inject air into your HGH before you draw or could you guys provide me some guidelines on how to do this?

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    Usually ~3ml of air prior to reconstitution. Depends on the brand though.
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    I allow the vial to suck in the water then as much air needed on its own for nuteral pressure. Then you do as always, pull IU of air into syringe, inject the air into vial, pull liquid to match the volume you pushed in. The vacuum seal is for storage prior to opening the vial.
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