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  1. TuTriX31

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    Shut down quite hard after my first cycle, going to run a course of hcg to try and recover. Thoughts on this

    Week 1 - 1660 IU HCG (415 EOD)
    20mg aromasin EOD

    Week 2 - 1660 IU HCG (415 EOD)
    20mg Aromasin EOD

    Week 3 - 1660 IU HCG (415 EOD)
    20mg Aromasin EOD

    Week 4 day 1 - 150mg clomid, 60mg nolvadex

    Week 4 - 100mg Clomid daily, 40mg Nolvadex ED

    Week 5 - 50 mg Clomid daily, 20mg Nolvadex ED
  2. TuTriX31

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    After running my first cycle my test levels haven't recovered so I'm hoping this will kick start production again.
    The dosages for the hcg are from breaking down a 5000ui bottle and the 20mg aromasin is a lab company (probably underdoesed) which I ran during cycle so I'm happy to run it at the same dose.

    What's the thoughts? Could this kick start my testes again? Or have I fucked myself off 1 cycle. Is there anything mental in there? Am I wasting my time?
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    Okay I will be crucified for this however, I would suggest you research triptorelin. I am broke therefore I cannot get blood work done but with one 100mcg triptorelin sub-Q injection my sex drive is back and TA is (so far) becoming a thing of memory! Boys are plump again and, it seems semen is much more viscus and plentiful.

    Keep in mind no long term successes are documented that I'm aware of.

    Just read up on it. I published an article on trip.... Find link in my signature.

    ****Let the arguments commence****