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Hello , im a young 20 year old guy , i started my cruise and blast when i was 19 and its going on its 7 month , in my cruise i used 250mg sust every week and masteron sometimes , what are the chances for me to recover my natural testosterone? i was planning in using 100mg clomid (pharma grade) for a month and then 50mg for a couple of weeks after that month , i have no access to hcg , but im still able to buy most pharma meds , should i go for this pct? or just go on trt?


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Because that young it’s possible he’s still developing and adding 60 years of TRT just because sounds miserable...

PCT as long as you can. Preferably never B/C if possible unless your goal is an elite level of strength or physique development or TRT is necessary.
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Why is trt at 20 a bad idea? I agree with u it’s probly not good
Because you are young responsibilities change as you get older work wife and wanting kids. You dont want to possibly ruining having kids for this. I was hard core at 16 until 23 then did a little orals only at 21 then life set in and lifting was not the number priority money and family is and always will be I am 49 3 kids I am on trt now for 2 years. At 20 your nuts. Take your cycle get on pct and repeat if that's what you want to do but at 20 you should not even think about steriods. What is it today with you young guys what about building a foundation first train for 4 years natural then maybe starting doing a little something. Guys get a gym membership and steriods all in the same day it's a joke.
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7 months isn't crazy long

Just double the length of a normal cycle

You will be able to recover

Look up power pct


Definitely PCT. I agree with the Power PCT, but I do believe that includes HCG.

20yrs old is too young to b/c, also too young for a cycle! But you already did it so now it just comes down to making better decisions in the future.

Pct. get your blood work done afterwards. Be smart about it. Play the long game bud! Hope everything comes out ok.