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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deez5950, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Deez5950

    Deez5950 Junior Member

    Any recovery people out there that have used modafinal? Was interested in it but I'm hesitant to use anything that could possibly compromise my sobriety. I read that its effects are very mild and that its different from an actual stimulant. I have brain fog from time to time
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  2. Ophydian

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    Very mild is an understatement. I don’t know how your recovery is going for you but I feel adding a drug to help with wakefulness might set you on a path to finding another compound that could set you back.
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  3. Deez5950

    Deez5950 Junior Member

    My recovery is good man. Been away from the drugs and alcohol 5 years now. Thank you for the response
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  4. cfreetenor

    cfreetenor Member

    Since 2/23/15 for me. My philosophy is that taking things to replace natural functions makes the problem harder to fix - same thing with the peace of mind we got from using.

    I’m trying iodine supplementation to help with alertness and wakefulness, it’s supposed to help with thyroid function. I get what you’re going for. I recently took a couple weeks with far lower training frequency too, and a lot of sitting in my apartment. The rest did me great good. Didn’t even realize it but every day I had been on the go hard for months.

    Couple things help here and there. If we are meticulous they can help a lot. But probably the older we get, the more meticulous we must be for the same benefit. $.02
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  5. eje1990

    eje1990 Member Supporter

    If you feel it is too mind or mood altering then I would steer clear of it.

    And don't forget recovery is an extremely personal process.
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  6. Eman

    Eman Member

    I would avoid it for sure... it felt very similar to Adderall to me. Then a pretty hard crash when it wore off.
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  7. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    How much were you taking?
  8. Delt123

    Delt123 Member

    What is your attitude towards the stuff you used to use? Do you have to avoid situations where there is drugs/alcohol used?

    I'm 7years+ clean, I'm disgusted by everything, will never ever do it again. Could use modafinil and not have a relapse. It's just not very appealing to me to use it, specially the reduced appetite.
  9. bambam333

    bambam333 Member

    It’s a very grey area I don’t use it just because it’s another possible substance that I might find a way to abuse. But I have and didn’t feel like I was in anything just wakefulness but there won’t be a definitive answer for you you know that voice in your head better than anyone on what ur real intention in your mind is. Caffeine is mood and mind altering but we don’t consider it anything in the program they drink it like they smoked crack. My first sponsor considered steroids a relapse which I didn’t agree with when I said an energy drink alters my mood and mind much more than a cycle does.

    In my opinion I wouldn’t touch the shit even though it didn’t do much for me I just know not to because I will literally abuse everything
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  10. Eman

    Eman Member

    I think they come in 100mg and 200mg tabs? I took 200mg and thought it was too much so I split it in half and took 100mg.

    100mg felt okay, but I just didn't really care for the effects... I felt very wired albeit productive, no appetite and around 3pm I felt the crash coming on. Even at 100mg I felt like I was drained from being overstimulated at the end of the day. I think it could be helpful for some people, I just wouldnt recommend to anyone in recovery... especially someone that has struggled with stimulants.
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  11. pb334

    pb334 Member

    It feels like a stronger caffeine to me. No tweaky feeling at all. Nothing like adderall in my experience.
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  12. pb334

    pb334 Member

    Good point about what your thing was before getting sober. I’m sure some upper lovers could take Vicodin for an injury and feel like shit. Someone like me takes one pill and it brings everything back.

    I just had surgery and the pills were a mind fuck. I’m fine now but even after almost 9 years sober, I felt that addict part of my mind wake up and was glad when it was over.

    My point is, a person could take the same Mod pill as me and find that it makes them euphoric or speedy, and I just feel... not tired.
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  13. Deez5950

    Deez5950 Junior Member

    Yes I definitely avoid places where drug addicts hang out. I dont go to bars as I dont really have any business there. My family takes up most of my time which is a good thing.
  14. phenominal34

    phenominal34 Member

    So it has a strong affect on suppressing appetite ??
  15. Deez5950

    Deez5950 Junior Member

    I'll think im gonna pass on the modafinal. Recovery has been good to me no need to throw a wrench in that and fuck it up. Thank you guys for the input.
  16. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    Good to hear. I stay busy, and the little free time I have, I am grateful for. I have never been able to multi task in my life and staying busy with family, work, and school is teaching me a lot. Out of sight, out of mind, for me. I had to change everything including the way I dressed.
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  17. bambam333

    bambam333 Member

    I’ve had 4 surgeries and refused them for everyone of the surgeries it sucks but it’s the only way for me to make it. The surgery before those 2 percocets turned into a 6 month fentanyl run. Those 2 percs woke up a monster
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  18. Eman

    Eman Member

    I don't know if it was really appetite suppression or if I was just kind of on a roll with so many tasks that I would work through lunch... if you're thinking of taking it for appetite suppression it wouldnt be my second or even third choice.
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  19. Cookieman

    Cookieman Member

    I relapsed after having 13 yrs clean. I feel blessed that I have 5 and a half years again. Since having that relapse, I have even more respect for this terrible disease. Nothing but coffee and energy drinks for me. I wouldn't fool around with anything that may set me off again. I got some clen sent w one of my orders by accident and I gave it away. Glad to know there are others here in recovery..Recovery is such an amazing gift. I hope no one takes it for granted like I did
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  20. phenominal34

    phenominal34 Member

    what would be your first and second choices for appetite suppression sir ??