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    4 weeks into my test E cycle of 500mg/week I noticed an increased flushed face and also any kind of strenuous work would bring about an extremely flushed face and very warm to the touch. I donated a pint of blood and my symptoms have all but gone away. I am now in week 8.

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    hi so i have the same problem as face is constantly red. its looks better in the morning when im calm but as the day goes on it gets worse. I use to have a hot face when i got out of the shower but i used moisturizer every day and that went away. I know its because of social anxiety because as soon as i got anxiety my face began to turn red. Now the reason im mssging you is because i noticed that u asked kenseth if he has every taken accutane. Now i have been on accutane. will this have an affect on my facial redness? thank you for your time. i aprreciate it
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    my previou message was intended for handle2. for some reason i forgot to mention that lol..if anyone knows the answer to this tho please reply!
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    Perhaps the majority of people with naturally fair skin end up with permanent facial redness and frequent facial flushing as a side effect of Accutane. This is because Accutane damages the deep blood vessels in the face and thins the epidermis which makes the superficial vessels much more obvious.
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    hey kenseth I have the EXACTLY the same face 24/7..for 18 years of my life I had no red face and then pretty much in one day I got anxiety and along with it came red cheeks..been living with it for 2 years now? my anxiety levels are lower than what they were 2 years ago but I still have the red face..i seen someone asked if u have ever been on Accutane..well I have..i was done Accutane a year before my face turned red and my anxiety came on..can that have something to do with it?
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    I've read accutane can do it however I have never taken accutane.
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    Every since I started TRT my face has been red (cyp, enan, prop and androgel. I believe doc said it to be a possible side effect of higher T. Also, I am not fair skinned and I am not taking anything other than very small doses of arimidex.
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    I've been on try for 7 years and it only happened the past 2. I keep my test level 375-500. So its not high. So right now I'm just drawing blanks. No explanation.