Reddit Steroid Sources nuclear meltdown

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Wings_of_pain, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Wings_of_pain

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    Hey don't know how many of you post there or follow with Reddit but it's a sad sight over there atm. I Don't know what the fuck happened but somehow and for some reason the place is fucking imploding. They had a good thing going, we all did actually, and someone got greedy and fucked the whole thing up. I don't know any details and all I really know is what the mods have allowed to seep out, however based on what I think I read some mods were basically being bought and shit went downhill when someone didn't get something. Who that someone is and what they want is beyond me. RIP SST We had a good thing and I'll love you forever :(
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  2. Johnson513

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  3. What is going on over there? Looks like a change in management took place. I went over to have a look but I couldn't really get a clear idea of what happened.

    @dmt31 Any insight?
  4. MindlessWork

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    Just speculation, bur maybe new owners cleaning up the site and ditching all the sketchy subreddits?
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    When labs were ran off of Meso and landed at Reddit, is when I quit paying attention to that place. I have a gear whore friend who will buy from any new start up lab. He hooked up at Redditt often and end up with celluitis. He was using gear from multiple labs and would often find strange floaters in the oil. He would just run all his gear through whatman filters and use it. I always told him to stay away from start ups that couldn't hold up at Meso.
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    One of the mods stated that someone hacked into their accounts and got rid of their mod privileges. That forum is definitly going through some rough times.
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    Also, their community tends to defend labs and bash honest results on those boards. I like to lurk there just to see what's going on, but the people there love their underdosed gear.
  8. Wings_of_pain

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    I ended up pulling one good source and that's it. All the rest are shit pretty much. Regardless, it was better than on here tbh when you have nothing to show for it. I like the people here but the sources are absolutely horrendous. Just an observation.
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    Agree 100%
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