Refrigerate HCG?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by perseverance, Jul 10, 2006.

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    perseverance Junior Member

    Hey, do you have to refrigerate hcg before you mix it? i wouldn't think you would cuz they ship it but didn't really know. By the way, ampules suck. They're the biggest pain in the neck to mess with.
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    swelty Junior Member

    no but if you dont use all, put in refrig for storage.
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    solo47 Member

    Have you tried an amp opener? Great neck breaker. About $7.

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    Data1000 Junior Member

    Solo47 is right. Buy an amp opener on-line for a few dollars. Makes all the difference.
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    ag-guys Junior Member

    Just break mine with some tissue in hand :)

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    gixxerboy Junior Member

    They work great. A pen cap also works until you get the opener.
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    swelty Junior Member

    thats what i use but i use a finger nail file to score the neck also. never had a problem.
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    DaneGer Junior Member

    i have amp opener. also when i put hcg in fridge i clean area in fridge i hate germs!
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    solo47 Member

    Nice to know you're cautious, DaneGer, but bacteria are part of your body, & some of them are necessary for life. Can't kill all de germs!

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    hackskii Member

    Well, it is summer time and if it gets like 90 degrees in your home then yah, put them in the fridge.

    Amps are not that big of a deal to pop, snap them fast and this works better. Pregnyl makes good amps, some of the others suck opening but not pregnyl.

    Another thing, if you are going to store the hcg after it is mixed then I would suggest you buy some bacteriostatic water, this will allow your HCG to have a longer shelf life than the solvent you get with the pregnyl.
    If it is for a few days cool but a few weeks then you better get some bac water.
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    JPGizzle Member

    What could you do to cover it up in case it tips?
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    snuff-sann Junior Member

    Mixing hcg with the included solvent will be allright for 30 days when cooled.
    When you mix it with bacteriostatic water you can use it for 60 days when cooled.
    The difference is sodium-chloride.
    In the solvent there's some of it and the bacteriostatic water only contains a bit of benzyl alcohol.
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    Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    pre-load all of the syringes, I wouldn't put the vial in the fridge.
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    JPGizzle Member

    @ Lizard king...Pre load them then put them in the fridge? Why not the vial in the fridge? I live with my parents hah I can't be putting syringes in the fridge unless I can hide em!
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    JPGizzle Member

    Im poor
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    solo47 Member

    If you live with your parents and share a fridge, you should probably be waiting to begin your self-development program with AAS.

    You don't have to fill all your syringes right away. You can transfer the solution into STERILE (washed with alcohol and nuked dry) 10 cc bottle. That has a rubber stopper & can be stored in your fridge. Put inside another container if you must hide things.

    Man, this is an old thread!

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    JPGizzle Member

    Hey Solo thanks a lot...I have an old eq vial Should I use that? Just clean it with alcohol?
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    solo47 Member

    Just do your homework, get to bed on time, and don't worry about it.

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    JPGizzle Member

    No really why would you explain then tell me not to worry about it...I just would like to know how to do this it would help me get through this. What do I do draw the alcohol out into a syringe then into the vial( how many times, nuked dry...etc)?
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    JPGizzle Member

    No need to pre load syringes if you've already transferd the solution correct me if im wrong please

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