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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Jeremy88, Jan 16, 2004.

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    guys, i read an article a few days ago in a magazine, there was a doctor who claimed that banging plates (45's) or any weight for that matter on bars can be more dangerous than you think....his theory was this, that the sound, the high-pitch that the plates make, send some type of sound or shock to your muscles, causing them to "rest" quicker....after a workout, the fast-twitch muscles will become idle according to him, if you bang the weights too hard, and if you pay close attention, ecspecially after a chest routine, he claims you can see your chest twitching do to the sound of the plates smashing together....i think its bogus, just curious if anyone ever heard or read the same article....Adieu
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    Havent read it, but it sounds like a truck load of bullsh*t. Sometimes my chest or delt may twitch even when Im in the peaceful comfort of my living room.

    And in reality, even if it did make a difference, youd have to go around the gym with earplugs and put a cushion between every plate you used. Who has the time or inclination for that crap? If someone is so worried about that minutia, then they really should seek professional help.
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    The best gyms in the world, Westside Barbell, Southside, Adirondack, Nazareth, etc are all filled with the sound of slamming plates...and these gyms are filled with 700+ pound bench pressers, 900+ pound squatters and 800+ pound deadlifters. Personally, I think excessively banging and clanging plates is annoying (unless you're in a hurry to add weight while doing speed box squats), but its pretty clear that it won't hurt you.
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    Some people also wrap their heads with aluminum foil to keep their brains from being permeated by alien mind control broadcasts.......
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    It works, too, Hogg. If you put just a touch of carbon paper on the bottom layer, your brain is a safe as they me.
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    Damn,does that really work? hehehe :D
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    Which magazine was this?