Reps no lockout or 3/4 reps? Seth Sets?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by 3sixty3, May 18, 2018.

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    So after taking about 8 years off lifting and getting my ass back into he gym for the last 6 months I have been trying to get some knowledge from Seth Feroce on youtube and take my shit to the next level. In a lot of the videos I see in order from what I can tell he does a lot of 3/4 reps with no lockout on presses. I am trying to get myself into this habit, but it is tough. Lol, after years of playing ball and coaches making us lock out in the weight room full reps are ingrained in me. Do most of you guys do the same as Seth? Seems to save the triceps, which for me always seem to be on blast really early and then I struggle to even do some dips. Tried his Seth sets with my chest workout and shoulder workout and got seriously blasted.
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    Lol. Of all the legit trainers out there. You pick Seth feroce.
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    Lol, his videos make me wanna push some weight.
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    I feel you. I like Seth’s videos too. But he’s an ifbb pro with elite genetics. He can train anyway he wants to and still look good.

    Personally I like guys like Steve Shaw, josh Bryant , John meadows , dr Scott Stevenson and Justin Harris to name a few. Throw in Dante aka DC , dusty and Justin Harris. These are my go to guys specifically for training advice.
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    Thanks, I will check out some of their stuff for sure. I always liked lifting heavy. Was out the game a long time and got fat as fuck. 6ft1 and 315lbs. Dropped down to 243 in a little less then 6 months and am on my first cycle ever. Test only with test P kick start and test C. I have pinned 300mg of test P this week and 250mg of test C. Stepped on the scale and already gained 5lbs. I realize it’s water weight most likely but I really just want to put on nice clean size and try and maintain or still lose weight. It’s hard to see the scale move up after being fat as fuck.
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    Yep, but dc is more for those that are advanced, this guy isn't anymore.

    OP if you wanna layer is some DC approaches to things but still use a program more applicable to you're level use 531 building the monolith template

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    Man, I am out of touch, no idea who the guy you mention is. However, I agree on not locking out. For most exercises I stop just a little short. OHP for example, you lock out and instead of the weight being supported by your muscles it is not on your bones and ligaments. Also, even ignoring that, for me i believe it is better as it keeps pretty much constant tension on your muscles so more activation than locking out.
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    We can name different training approaches and most might work but whatever you do....just try to do it faithfully. Some people change the plan just because theyre not sore or have read something different the second week in and then neither might work.
    Best of luck!
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    True i saw the 8 year span off time figuring he was/ is more mature. I never asked how long was lifting for in first place. What if he said i trained for a whole week before the layoff? Lol my bad.
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    Haha na it's all good. DC is never a bad recommendation I'm. But the wendler program I posted will get him back into the swing of things pretty damn good.
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    Oh i'll def read up on jim wendlers program! Even tho i'm more of a wannabee bodybuilder... i have lots of respect for experienced powerlifter's opinions such as his and dave tate's etc. Dave Tate said one way to know you're big is when you get a Lat cramp from wiping your ass!! Lol.
    It happens to me lots!! Haha....
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    Well wendler has a program that can be tailored with the use of templates to whatever goal you want to do. The one I linked is one of his size templates. Hos boring but big program is a great program for size also as is his boring but sore. Also the boring but big and really sore template.

    531 is a great program for body building for number of reasons. First it forces you to use progressive overload on an intelligent manner and is not strictly a linear progression. LP works great for the first year or two, but eventually that rate of progressive overload is just not possible.

    Second it forces you to use the big barbell movements.

    Third it can be tailored with the supplemental and assistance work to fit any goal you would like.

    Fourth it uses intelligent deloading with the 7th week protocol. Many bbers could learn from the importance of deloading every 6 to 9 weeks. Especially as they advance.

    Fifth if you follow his leader anchor protocol it allows you to autoregulate your meso cycles. First two to three mesocycles focus on lots of barbell supplemental work and on overall volune for hypertrophy. This is a leader Template. After a deload you move to the anchor template which is much higher intensity on your main sets. Anchors have lower volume on supplemental work and much higher assistance work volume.

    6th is the program forces you to keep and beat the log book. Huge importance in bodybuilding.

    7th is the supplemental and assistance volume is laid out for you. This keeps you from doing too many stupid things.

    8th is cardio is a must but it's done in an intelligent way and is regulated based on the volume of a template.

    Look into his forever book.