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  1. Test e. Can’t wait to run this.just sharing my pic.

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    Always worries me when a lab can't take the time to put a label on straight
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  4. It happens I don’t worry much as long as what inside is good.glad they keep production good gear.
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    How do you know it’s good? Have you had the gear tested or done bloodwork?
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  6. Don’t need to I’ve had plenty of labs tested as long as myself or friends keep getting good results and we don’t see any floaters in the vials it’s good enough for me ,the see day see a floater or start to feel results then I would start questioning certain labs
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    Who does this @T-Bagger think he is bro?
    Why don’t he just buy some and get it tested?
    As long as the skin gets tight and the muscles get full that’s all that matters

    People on here kill me always trying to rain on our parades. Do you @Supermansson11 dont worry about the haters like that t bag dude
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    Shit, my bad. Who the hell do I think I am questioning the feels?
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    Just back off my dude ok, I’ve seen you around here trying to strong arm people into your blood tests and what have you
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    My bad bro. Thanks for the admonishment and sticking up for the feels.
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    You’re welcome.
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  12. Someone’s always got things to say I honestly don’t mind, I’ve been in the game since 21. Making $10,000 trips to Mexico monthly 2/ years straight be4 the shut down for denkall, pets pharma animal power and qv. as well pinnacle,oxide,,ip.from each there own.getting gear tested and oaying for it is pricy and annoying as long as my buddies or I don’t see floaters or squire a abcess alls well to me.i still respect every mans opinion.
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  13. Most private labs i know of aren't keen on gear porn.
    Hope they don't mind you putting them out there.
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    Back off my dude, bro. What’s with you guys coming and attacking him
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  15. Looking out for him and his private lab, home slice. Why didn't you tell him this would be a bad idea to publicly post something that comes from a private source?

    You know what? He's my dude now. i'm going to guide him in a better direction. This kid is going places, man!
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  16. I actually talked to the owners they said as long as they ain’t on eroids there I’ve said I’m 40yrs. Old and a pro. Bb. I been in the game enough.everyone enjoy your day.i should have another pack from this source and another coming inn today or Monday hopefully.
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    That @MisterSuperGod knows your pro and just wants to ride your coat tails. Do you, bro. I’m on your side