Resting after cycle

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  1. Ryan201291

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    Hi guys,

    Just finished a 10 week Test only cycle. Happy with results.
    My question is, would a week rest before I start my pct have a negative effect? Or shouldn’t it really matter too much as long as I smash it during my PCT?
    Just feeling as if my body could do with maybe a 5-7 day rest

  2. Huge believer in resting up. Maybe not take the entire week off but for sure hit some light weight, work on pumpin some blood into your muscles and doing a active rest type deal.
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  3. bob357sig

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    Nothing wrong with taking a little time off after cycle. AAS may be great for muscle tissue but can be hard on your joints, they take a lot more time to catch up to your new strength and tissue gains. I think you have mentioned you are a personal trainer so you should know about what your body is telling you. Myself, I can’t wait to get back to the gym after a few days off, joints feel fresh, time to kill it again!
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  4. Oldschool

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    Rest is good for you.
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  5. 88GENERAL88

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    Your question was whether you recommend resting “1 week,” before starting your pct, right???

    In order, to answer your question I have to ask a question. What esters of testosterone did you use on your cycle?? If you used Enanthate or cypionate, you would want to hold off on starting your pct until about day 6 or 7 anyhow. Because technically you are still on cycle even though you haven’t objected anything. Actually for enanthate I would say start pct on day 10-12 and cypionate Two weeks after your last shot. Some will argue this. But if you want to run A SUCCESSFUL pct, you need to make sure that you aren’t adding fuel to an already burning fire. Remember that half life just means that is the amount of time that it takes for half of the amount of test to leave your blood stream.
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  6. Mac11wildcat

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    Rest is good.

    BUT, I think this is the WORST possible time for rest if you’re talking about time away from training. You’re about to send your hormones on a ride. Training and maintaining your daily regimen will be a key part of recovery. Take ample rest as a part of your normal training or wait until you’re recovered to deload/take time off.

    If you’re asking how long to wait between cycle and pct thats a much different question.
  7. Hacksaw Jim

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    After your last shot of test,, permitting you were using Test E,, I would cut back down on the volume of sets you were doing while 'on'. Give yourself about 2 days of extra rest for working out your body parts. You will just amplify the catabolic effect if you just keep 'smashing' it during pct
  8. cfreetenor

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    My understanding is that the best protocol for a less than optimal hormonal environment is high intensity, low volume, medium low frequency.
  9. Lift&Swim

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    Quick question, I know nolva and clomid aren't as effective as hcg in this area but would it not be advantageous to start the PCT a little earlier than the 10-14 days to jump start the ole testes before all the T runs out?
  10. 88GENERAL88

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    That is exactly how hcg differs from clomid and nolvadex. Many people take hcg while on cycle for that exact reason, however, the biggest difference is the dosage being used while on cycle, then while once pct has begun. Nolvadex and clomid really aren’t used is that regard, I think mainly because of the rediculous amount that would need to be taken , at which point you must also remember that they are SERMS, so large dosages would be severely counterproductive. So cost, dose, productivity, are the big three reasons why people wouldn’t use those on cycle for the for keeping the testes breathing. Hcg in most cases but also depending on the dose during pct should be accompanied by something like a low dose AI. Like arimidex. To protect again any rebound gyno.
  11. Tinytim

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    Test e or c you got about 3 weeks. Dont let the depression get you, keep going gym .yeah strength may go down a little but you have to stay at it
  12. Big_paul

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    If you train hard don't be afraid to take a break.
  13. Sven_Northman

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    Rest from what? Go hard man. Notice how you train with more intensity when you're on? Keep that momentum, keep your calories up, and keep your gains.