Restless Legs Syndrome

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rugerjitsu, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. rugerjitsu

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    I searched threads and found one from about 4 years ago...figured I would start a new one.

    I’m dealing with RLS, haven’t been diagnosed, but it’s bad enough that it keeps me up for an hour or two at least a few nights a week. I can’t really pinpoint any triggers. Just wondering if anyone else is dealing with this...have you seen a doctor? Any info would be appreciated.

    One I can say is I haven’t smoked pot since August, and this was never an issue before.
  2. grey

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    The only time I have had this was when I took Tramadol. Without fail, if I didn't immediately lay down and sleep I would would be kept awake with uncontrollable RLS.

    Doubt that helps at all, but felt I should throw it out there just in case.
  3. Eman

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    Sounds like you better smoke some pot.

    You're welcome, glad I could help. :)
  4. OldmanRob

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    I have to agree with this
  5. Do you take anything to help you sleep?
    Diphenhydramine, an ingredient in most otc sleep aids gives me RLS on occasion.

    You could try supplementing potassium before bed, too.
  6. ETownSmoke

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    I have had RLS all my life, doesn't happen very often but it sometimes affects my arms to and all I can do is pace around my house shaking my arms till I'm almost sleeping. I personally find it's base on how tired my body is. So far the best supplement I've found is magnesium, it does help a lot.
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  7. Johnybgood

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    Magnesium has helped me with this. I take 500 mg 30-60 min before bed for last couple of months and it’s stopped for me. It’s well none to help this. There are various types of magnesium so do your research to see which one and what dose is best for you. I recommend starting at lower dose and building up. It will clean your system out if you start at 500 mg. It’s perfect before bed as it helps you to sleep as well. I no longer wake up with sore shins. If is forget to take for more than a couple of days in a row it comes back.

    I also added turmeric to start and end of my da. Doesn’t help with RLS directly but does help with inflammation.
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  8. rugerjitsu

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    I would love to smoke again...Just not an option right now.

    I’ve checked Magnesium out, looks like that’s definitely something worth looking at. I understand there’s different forms of magnesium you can buy...some better than others.

    ZMA is also popping up when googling RLS...thanks for the input guys!
  9. GettenJakd

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    I suffer from RLS. Doc prescribed me requip for it. I believe I have it permanently from abusing opiates. Did you ever take a lot of prami or caber for a long time? Both of those drugs are used to treat people suffering from RLS. I’m wondering if you used them a lot and now they caused it. I believe RLS is caused by lack of dopamine. Regardless, you should consult a doctor about it. I know how much it sucks.
  10. rugerjitsu

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    Nope never touched either of those drugs.
  11. ETownSmoke

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    I myself was born with it, I have been told even as a baby my legs would be rocking back and forth to go to sleep. It's also something that is usually hereditary, my aunt and my daughters both have it to. I've heard opiates can worsen it but usually aren't the cause.

    I take magnesium in the am and ZMA before bed. It's made a huge difference, I can tell if I haven't taken it for a few days. Now as for marijuana, there are strains that are prescribed for RLS and some that should be avoided at all costs cause they actually worsen it so it's not overly a good option to go with.

    I prefer the magnesium route cause I am not a fan of any drugs that a doctor prescribes and some of the drugs they prescribe are very potent and usually also prescribed for Parkinson's which do require strong medication.
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  12. brutus79

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    Do you take any antidepressants, anti psychotics or any medication of any kind? Some kinds give me rls when I was running around trying to solve my temper and depression with medication.
  13. MythotiK

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    Quinine works well for RLS
  14. rugerjitsu

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    No meds...I’ve found CBD to help since this thread started.
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  15. Dr JIM

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    Four drugs are now FDA approved for RLS, do they "work" hell if I know, esp when compared to the effects of placebo.

  16. Hawkins

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    My dad takes requip for RLS and if he doesn't time it correctly with dinner it makes him vomit. He said he's done with it.

    Marijuana pretty much kicks it for about 4-5 hours.

    He is convinced his PCP knows nothing on the issue. They throw drugs at him like crazy. He had to tell his doc "no more hydrocodone". Crazy.
  17. x11

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    I started high dose magnesium from behind the counter. take before bed and have never women up feeling better in my life. Relaxes and recovers my muscles.
  18. Glocker

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    I met a few guys that use kratom to control RLS they swear pharma drugs dont work for them then again a certain percentage of kratom users will find any excuse to catch a buzz so take it with a grain of salt.
  19. Sk8man101

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    Are their any drugs that help RSL without making you knock the fuck out or drowsy.

    Sounds crazy I know but I need something to stop my restless legs but if I have to wake in the middle of the night for work I can’t be drowsy AF.
  20. Big_paul

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    When I quit drinking it became a problem. Obviously it's not a problem when we are sedated.
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