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    this is my second cycle I ran and by far better than the first!!!
    Week 1-11 deca 200mg twice week
    Week 1-14 test 300 twice week
    Week 1-4 dbol 40 mg daily

    Week 1-14 hcg 500 weekly
    Week 1-14 caber .25 mg twice weekly
    Week 1-14 aromasin 12.5 eod
    Week 1-14 cialis 5 mg twice weekly
    Week 7-14 doxycycline 100 twice daily

    Daily vitamins/cycle support-
    v-B6, v-b5, red Apple cider vinegar, milk thistle, v-A, v-D, omega 3,

    clomid 100/100/50/50

    nolva on hand

    Needless to say I experienced absolutely no sides from this cycle. The testes never shrunk like on first cycle. Deca dick has never occurred. I feel that the key to a deca cycle is knowing all the possible side effects and watching for early signs of these and having all he meds on hand to counter estro/prolactin issues if they occur. I gained about 25 pounds while on this cycle. Also diet is another huge player in reducing risk of sides!

    Good luck for all those interested I loved and enjoyed this cycle! Deca is by far a really fun experience! Sex drive has been amazing even with deca!

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  2. JackSmooth

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    Any blood work? Good work on the cycle. How long has it been since you got off, and how's the recovery going?
  3. Blake111

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    Recovery still in progress but been great been on pct for about 1 week tbh it’s been really good thus far. I’ll keep it posted. I’ll be getting blood work in about 6 weeks post pct
  4. Blake111

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    My pre bloods mid 700 test and estro prolactin progesterone were all within normal
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    Damn you and your natural 700 test
  6. Blake111

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    It’ll change I’m sure I’m 28 so that’s prolly why