Reversed roles and a backwards society

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    Does anyone else feel like the unprecedented over acceptance in America is fucking up the system for everyone? Being fat used to be taboo as well as cheating and stealing shit. I feel as our society progresses we should be looking in the rear view at these things and instead we seek to make these things the new norm through blind tolerance.

    I constantly see normal looking guys with fucking whales. Shit makes no sense to me. I think it's a true statement that everyone needs love. However I believe that when you've stepped down a few notches in regards to the women you sleep with you are essentially taking away from some fat man somewhere who was meant for the fat bitch your talking to. This fucks the system for everyone down the line. As fat bitches are made to feel pretty, pretty girls are feeling even more pretty and those few 10's are now only accepting golden dick with an attached bank account.

    I also think that in our blind acceptance of moral misconduct that we open ourselves up to all sorts of trouble. I know many great father's (upwards of 30 at least) that would love nothing more than to be with their families. I personally see men being the ones really holding families together these days. Women on the other hand seem to want broken families so the can do as they please at the expense of the children. Society sees no problem with such things so why should an individual.

    America used to have somewhat of a handle on things these days I'm just not sure. When we are forced to suppress our patriotism in schools. (Most aren't even saying the pledge now.) All because someone's opinion was validated when should have been told to sit down and shut the fuck up. I find this a tremendous insult to all who serve this country.
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    2018 it's normal to see 8/10 guys with 5/10 females. I think most young guys are doomed to inceldom.

    I blame Tinder cos women get so much validation by thirsty men they start to believe it.
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    Most American families used to ship away or lock up children with special needs as well as lynch a black man for having consensual sex with a white woman. what’s your point? Times change brother all you can do is adapt.

    P.s i’m ugly as fuck and my fiancé is absolutely smoking...makes more money than me also! I make her laugh so she keeps me around.

    maybe you’re just doing something wrong to attract all these thunder cunts?
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    I’m litterally just gunna do whatever this man says^

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    In Biblical times, Eve received the temptation in the garden because Saton knew that Adam would not fall for it. Thus beginning of the downfall of man.

    I believe in today's society that women are still the targets. They need to be covered and protected by their husband but in today's women's lib society, women are encouraged to remain independent. As long as this trend continues, families and societies will continue to suffer and conditions will only continue to get worse. :(
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    Being fat, a cheater or a thief isn't taboo anymore, really? When is the last time you saw or heard any of this and didn't find it taboo? Who the hell thinks it's normal for any of that to happen? Should we go back to cutting people's hand off for stealing? Maybe brand an A for adulterer onto women? We should definitely put fat people in prison, no question. Lol... I don't get what you think needs to change or how you'd go about changing it?

    Also, not forcing kids to say the pledge of allegiance every morning says just about nothing about patriotism. Those words become meaningless to most kids by the first grade because they just mindlessly chant them every morning... It's weird.

    How's that? They should stay home and be provided for? That's what will improve family dynamic and society in general?
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    Our economy has adjusted for the income of two providers in the case of most middle class families. It's really to late for most women to be able to stay home and not help to provide for the family IF the family is still together. This subject brings up another thorn in my side. The federal assistance programs in our society today rewards a single mom by offering higher benefits as long as she is not married. I could go on and on about how the family unit has suffered from the increasing trend of the the mother and father not being in a traditional marriage but I know no one would probably be interested anyway. Then not being married makes it too easy to break up and then move on to the next relationship with the children then being brought, often many times, into multiple failed relationships. The children see this, become de-sensitized to failed relationships and begin to accept this as the norm thus degrading the importance of a stable family unit for the rearing of children even further. My views can be deemed as hypothetical and in no way meant to infer to all relationships.

    I guess I'm just old fashioned but we sure didn't have as many kids murdering kids when it was deemed important to instill stable family values from a very early, impressionable age.

    Edit: These are just the ramblings of an old traditional man. I'm not trying to convert anyone. Just wishing that our world was still a bit more traditional than it is now.
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    I kind of think a lot of this is hypothetical... You're not really referring to divorce per say, but divorce rates have steadily fallen over the years.

    As far as federal programs "rewarding" single mothers for staying home... It certainly doesn't fit my definition of reward.

    As far as kids murdering kids, that idea may have some merit. But, it's not just kids murdering kids... Adults are murdering adults, adults are murdering kids, kids are murdering adults, etc. It's not necessarily a generational thing with family stability. Although I did read a really interesting article yesterday about research that had been done that leads many mass shootings back to a single point: the Columbine shootings.
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    All of my thoughts are going to be hypothetical since they are just collective ideas I have formed throughout my life. And my life has been all over the place and not always living the responsible life I should have been living.

    I agree with the divorce rates dropping. But one imprtant reason they are dropping are because the rate of people getting married are dropping also. I haven't actually checked the ratios from before and after the marriage rate began falling, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a trend between them.

    In my busines I employ a wide range of social classes. I don't even discriminate against drug users. I have hired them in the past and told them that things were cool till their work was affected. I reserved the right to drug test but didn't due to the fact that I would have a hard time keeping a full workforce.

    Now for where I was going. These guys almost all had girlfriends and quite a few were really long term relationships. Only two employees in the last twelve years were married. I worked alongside these guys everyday and I heard pretty much all their throughts. They weren't married so that they wouldn't reduce the benefits that the mother was receiving as a single mother. That is the reward that I am speaking of here. Most of those gals even filed tax returns even though they weren't working, to my knowledge, so that they could get an earned income credit and I would put good money on the fact that they never actually worked a lick. And if they had two kids and one was for the current boyfriend, he would claim his and she would claim the other and that way they could double their earned income credit. These are plenty enough rewards to keep many of the lower and lower-middle class from marrying.

    Columbine as well as all the rest of these school shootings are horrendous and hurts me every time I hear there has been another. But in my opinion, and this is definately purely hypothetical, I feel that Columbine was lucky enough to be the first one since the combination of many different factors,damaging the family unit, finally had a strong enough effect to develop into this horrendous early act. And these factors are broad. Not just mommy and daddy splitting up. I don't think we will see an end to these horrendous acts until the family values become important in America again.

    I know, old-fashioned ideas. But they are the ones I grew up with and we didn't have all of these problems till society became more liberalized in their values.

    My time here on this rock hurtling through space grows shorter by the day, but I really hope that conditions can improve so that others can enjoy the carefree life I had when I was younger. Mom and dad never knew where I was when I got home from school but they knew I would be home safe by dark since they didn't have to fear for my safety due to the actions of others.

    @Eman you show remarkable maturity and intelligence for your years. It's going to be people like you in your generation that will be able to encourage the changes that this society needs in order to give our children their carefree lives back and save parents from having to bury their children. My heart aches just from visiting these social issues with you.
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    Actually women in the work force was more a way for corporations to double the work force and not increase wage costs.

    It's the biggest scam ever pulled on western society and feminists think they fought for and won something.

    The best model of society to prosper is man working, women nurturing children.

    This is how post war societies rebuild from the ashes and why suburbs were designed.

    The Family wage was that needed for a man to support a family while children were raised well with stay home mum to grow strong and repopulate and build a functioning society.

    We are currently just using up the credit our predecessors built.

    Society is flying apart, boys mostly raised by single Mum's don't do well and most single Mum's are not employed.

    Reap what sew.
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    Take a look at most middle aged males and you'll see a person with the life sucked out of them and no hope left. The bulk of women want to be taken care of or free money. The others are still living with their parents hunting desperately for an online sucker who they can bleed the life out of. All while drinking, sucking random dick while the guy is working his ass off, and looking for the next adventure to add to their fucked up lives. And guys are too dumb to see this. As long as men continue to give validation to girls who aren't worth a damn, it'll only get worse
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    Like there will ever be a time when there isn't an army of thirsty low-mid tier males lined up for miles to validate and reinforce the narcissistic demands of so many unworthy women.

    I see white guys taking their sons to participate in SJW marches out in front of the crowd in bondage whipping themselves as self punishment for the sins of the white males that built civilization.

    Just thinking how messed up those boys will be when they become adults.
  13. I think you hang out with shitty women OP. Mine, and most of the ones I kick it with are pretty focused on their families as well as managing their own professional lives. Could just be selection bias though, as my wife and I have been together over a decade through ups and downs and we've pretty much ceased contact with a lot of the people we used to kick it with back when we met, and the folks we spend time with now have their shit together so to speak.
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  14. If they are normal kids they will rebel against their dumbass parents, if they trust everything their parents say on the other hand, then they were destined to wind up cucks anyways so they may as well be SJWs so they can have a clean conscience about things.
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    +1 wife and I have been together 17 years and stopped talking to other couples that didn't have their shit together. Always surround yourself with like minded people and those who are more successful.

    As to the hordes of thirsty men ruining it for everyone... it is sort of the opposite down here in Texas. Tons of beautiful women with fat ugly boyfriends/husbands Who are looking for escape, attention from an attractive well built man. I'm no 'looker' but have been beating back the hoardes of women lately especially at business conferences. Sometimes the downfall of man is a good thing because it puts us in the 1%
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    Lol holy shit... This describes the bulk of women to you? I think this says more about the type of women you have personally been around than women in general.
  17. Demondosage

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    YES, this is exactly what I'm seeing nowadays.
  18. Eman

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    Lol I can't help but laugh that this is the view you've taken on the majority of women. They stay home, suck strange dick on a regular basis while the dude they found online brings home the money for them.

    Most of the guys that take this position tend to have gone through one or maybe even a couple bad relationships. They then exit said relationship concluding that all women are whores. The irony is that the common denominator for the consistent bad relationships is typically the dude, not the woman, and that fact is lost on them.
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    I disagree here. Many of the guys who exit bad relationships worked their asses off for a family all to be looked at as a paycheck and nothing more. Dude, it's 2018 and men are looked at like shit nowadays by a large majority of society. Nothing but a paycheck, working buffoons who dont deserve anything and should be so lucky to have a woman pay any attention to them at all. Chicks have gone to shit. Most have nothing to offer a man other than their sexuality. It's so bad that a female could be an alcoholic pillpopper with no job and still get full custody of a kid, furthermore paint a picture for the judge that a hard working, good father is a monster who doesn't deserve to see his children. It's both sides though really, women stopped being women, and men stopped being men. Then you have the "strong independent women" , hmmm....wonder why so many of them are still single?

    It's not all women but the majority of women I see clearly are one of two ways. Either the strong and independent type who "I dont need a man and if I have one I'll try to measure my dick up to his" or degenerates who think that vagina will get them whatever they want. A normal woman who cares and respects a man is hard to find...extremely. I've been married for 14 years now and I have a good one. There were times that were rough and we argued like anyone else, but I'm talking based on guys I personally know and their experiences dating women in 2018 here.

    It's bad on both sides, but to defend women and say it's almost always a man's fault?? Hell no, strongly disagree there. The masculine, hardworking male in this day and age is frowned upon and treated like a doormat
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    However, there are common denominator for sure. Most men with low self-esteem who take in women who are down and out will usually be cheated on. Women with the whole ,"all my friends are guys, I don't get along with girls" are usually whores.

    There are definitely little red flags that these desperate dumbasses don't want to believe in. Then they act surprised when they realize they're with a piece of shit. Common denominators for sure