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    this is my second raw order. the first order i went with landmark and got burned when customs intercepted, pack never showed but showed returned to vendor after being in customs for a week, landmark said they never got it and refused to send without seizure letter which i never got. so fuck them.

    Ordered 100g test cyp and 10g Anavar. Took 7 days after placing order for products to arrive. Both passed melting point within a small degree of variance, probably due to inconsistency in measuring temperature. Been running the Test at 350mg a week after being on the same dose of UGL gear from a reputable seller on these boards. I notice no difference, which is good. AI needs are same, still making gains at similar progress, etc. Just started the Anavar at 30mg a day and pumps are insane... hardening up after only a couple weeks as well. Never ran anavar before and i didnt labmax nor will i bother to, but as far as results compared to what i read online about the drug's effects go, i will continue using it as if its anavar.

    Will have blood work in 2 weeks to compare to same bloods on other gear 6 weeks ago so there will be a good reference range.

    Stealth from this supplier was good, and everything was as described. Raws can be a crapshoot so always take reviews with a grain of salt. what is true one week could change the next. make your own informed decisions.

    their contact info is below if you require:

    Benjamin Yan Email Skype:eek:liviaqinqi
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    Will do.
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    for someone so constantly critical of apparent shills, id expect you to have some solid source reviews you could share?
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    Get off my dick.
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    ah, mesoRx, where your post count is infinitely more important than the content of your posts. Since when is having experience in bullshitting a valid marker for the information you can offer? if i ignored that new user sign by your username and could look through your post history would i find ANYTHING helpful to me as far as training, sourcing, diet would go?
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    He wasn't referring to your post count lol. He was referring to the fact you were checking out his profile.... Hence the "get off my dick" comment hahaha
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    i was trying to look thru his post history to see what wise words he's had to offer seeing as he posts like hes king shit, but he's disabled that function.

    and its a little ironic he had to view my profile to make that comment. so by his logic he's on my dick as well. how can we both be on each others dicks at the same time? unless dicks are very long and can bend to go around and into each others butts, seems impossible. i do not understand and if someone can clarify that would be great.

    p.s. thank you for steering this thread in appropriate direction suited for most users of mesoRx. discussing dicks and whose on eachothers dicks or not is far more important than critiquing sources.
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    Dutch rudder.. You in or out? :eek:
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    You're welcome. I do try my best at these things. It's quite suspicious you decided to post your "sources" email address and Skype handle? You want past critiquing a source and into shilling for one imo.
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    Busted again! They never learn...
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    its their contact info to save you 10 seconds of googling. i get hat made next week that says shill
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    if giving you contact info makes me a shill so does anywhere in your post stating the sources name or a way to find them. you guys are so paranoid its nuts.
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    If it only takes 10 seconds to google the contact info then what did you really save anybody?
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    umm... 10 seconds of googling... is this a trick question?
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    I shall nominate you for a Nobel Peace Prize. Your efforts to save humanity, primarily the members of this forum, a staggering 10 seconds of their life is without equal. I salute you sir.
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    Wow you guys are so brutal :eek:

    This guy has something to share and you've got him down for the 10 count. But yes you got him dead to rights!
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    basically the lesson i learned is if you find a good raw source dont bother sharing out of the goodness of your heart cuz if you do you might blow them up and ruin it for yourself, or just get shit talked on meso . lol. its all good i expected it. tbh if someone offered me free product an all i had to do was write a good review id do it no prob.
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  19. LMC Raws

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    This is Rachel from Landmark,could you please let me know who is your sales rep ? And what products you ordered from us ? We will then check and contact you to solve the issue.
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    OP made this thread to get free gear. The source is offering 10-50 grams of power (depending on how good the review is) to anyone that makes a thread, gives a review, and leaves contact info.

    There you made your thread, you left your review, now go collect your free powder.