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    Well this is my review which is not good.. He carries mostly Bd and IP tab products some HGH generic blue tops, somatropin, hygetropin. I ordered oil cyp. products so far they seem ok. Can't really tell if under dosed but I feel they may be a little. The ip tabs like nova, clomid, lasix, t3 seem average at best so-so. What I was really pissed about was the blue tops ip I bought freak-in like 10 kits total fake and bunk they give you gh like symptoms but nothing else. I've been doing 10iu daily for 5 weeks nothing I gained 10 pounds but mostly to taking over a gram of gear a week. so for this reason I do not recommend Ron Rogers aka iphest his products are hit or miss and oils seem under dosed and tabs seem okay but not sure they maybe under-dosed which is a problem when you need post cycle products and end up hurting you more than helping. Hgh is totally a scam it costs more than any of the gear he sells. I would also guess that somatropin is fake and hygetropin is fake. I alsonhave some grey tops but Im sure that they are fake. I did let him know that the gh was bunk and said sorry he's all sold out has nothing left and find new source.

    Again the scammers strike with fake gh is there any real gh out there what the fuuuck.
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    IP is giving their grey tops for free with orders

    That sums up generic gh i.m.o

    pharm grade or your better just using ghrh/ghrp peptides
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    LOL you are giving negative feedback to a source saying ,may be , not sure ,seem underdosed , can't really say,i would guess.........

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    Well duh It not like I have a lab in my house and can test every pill... So based on my bodys reaction I will make the assumption yes it's under dosed....
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    next time when you ll gain 20 pounds in 5 weeks we ll see positive feedbacks..
  6. test90

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    If in doubt throw it out
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    I have been doing 10iu a day 6-7 days a week seriously I should have some gains... I told you I emailed him and he said he's all out some coach bought 500 seriously 500 thats like 50,000 bucks I don't buy it smells like excuses, like I said he's gear is ok but I have concerns about it being under dosed. You want honest reviews unless your getting pharmacy grade it's impossible to have true quality control that's my only point..

    The HGH was bunk and that cost the most...
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