RIP good buddy

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    Roger the kangaroo: Enormous roo dies aged 12

    Not sure if the active link is ok here, sorry MB if it isn't. If you don't want to fall into my IP identification trap just Google 12 year old muscle kangaroo dead. Everything dies at some point...
  2. From what i gather, non coded links are fine, unless you're in the underground section.

    Edit: RIP big roo.
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    Aw man... That's sad
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    I remember the first time I seen that. I thought it was some kind of sick experiment someone did with a kangaroo. That bitch was 6’7” 200lbs damn it. Said he was the alpha male and had 12 partners. He was living the life lol. RIP big roo
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    Absolutely RIP, that's the critter I use as my AVI.