RIP Luke Sandoe

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Michael Scally MD, May 7, 2020.

  1. Yakov

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    Many people have reported suicidal thoughts on Deca. DHN doesn't agree with the brain, it wants DHT.

    Same thing with DHB....not good for the brain either.

    Estrogen, T and DHT, this is how you keep a brain working properly.
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  2. Yakov

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    Most of us have had experience with tren and deca, for me it was a dumb mistake.

    For my brother it almost cost him his marriage as he turned into a world class dickhead and was kicked out of the house. I have noticed friends at the gym over the years when they're running nor19's get turned off mentally, they lose the ability to smile and laugh, everything is serious. It's fucked if you ask me.
  3. staynattybruh

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    Ben Chow confirmed it. For those unaware, he was one of his close friends.
  4. S317

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    You honestly don’t know what happened
    honestly shut the fuck up.
    How are you somehow making this about you? Luke was a good guy and has left behind 2 children. Goddamn! This is sad and you jumping from drugs to some pseudo essay about nothing is what’s wrong with society.
  5. Theworm

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    Very true, well said!
  6. juicy122

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    Fk man cant believe he may have suicide. Makes me think if it wasn't for quarantine maybe someone could have physically changed his mind and or he wouldn't have got as depressed from these retarded circumstances we are dealing with locked down.
  7. Yakov

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    Nothing is wrong with society? Society is completely fucked, people are fucked, that's why we have so much suicide.

    If you don't like to talk about it then don't. Shutting down every conversation out of respect for the dead is fucking stupid, because there are millions of people that need to escape from the bullshit so they can go on living.

    If you've never been down the road of suicide and don't know what it's like to black out with a noose around your neck or a gun in your mouth then you have no clue what you're doing when people conjure up this false sense of respect for the dead. This young man is gone, there's nothing that can change that, his brain has been turned off and he doesn't exist anymore. So now how do people deal with it. Do they just say "don't you say a fucking word", or do they have a serious adult conversation and say this shit is real, it happens every minute of the day and lets figure out ways to fix this, because suicide is getting worse, people are calling it quits way more today then they were when I was a young man growing up, it's sitting at almost 35% increase since 2000. And I've known for a long time guys in their mid 30's start in with this and at 45 it spikes until a man is near 60. I see it getting worse and worse in the future as people quickly grow tired of living and dealing with stress like we've never seen before.
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  8. Silentlemon1011

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    Luke seemed like a really solid dude.

    Suicide is a serious topic and not one I believe should be philosophically discussed on this thread.

    All I'll say is, I'm sorry and I wish his family ans friends the best.
  9. Jankauskas

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    I was quite saddened by this.

    A sad day for bodybuilding and the world , he seemed like a great person...
  10. S317

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    Fouad Abiad has setup a go fund me for Luke’s family. The link is in his bio on his Instagram.
  11. Silentlemon1011

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    That's good to hear.
    These guys dint make enough money, in comparison to the time put in and expenditure required to achieve their level
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  12. Maktub

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    Just wait for autopsy ; sooner or later comes out .
  13. Nela

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    R.I.P Champ!

    Awesome terrific bodybuilder and a person!

    Hope you've found peace

    Good bless!
  14. gr8whitetrukker

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    Post 9/11. Majority being battle hardened veterans coming back from the longest standing war in American history. Thats the reason for the stat.
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  15. lilhawk

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    I agree with this. I used Deca a few times, which were my first cycles, and after the first time I used it, the next two times it caused me to feel 'down', and extra emotional, which isn't normal for me. It seemed like everything made me feel sort of sad, and just off. So I never used it again. NPP, and equipoise did the same thing to me, and caused a lot of anxiety for no apparent reason. I really liked tren, but it made me so paranoid, lack of sleep, and just pissed all the time that I don't use it anymore either. Sucks because all of those drugs worked very well for me, but it just isn't worth feeling like that all the time. Now I stick to test, masteron, Anavar, etc. as I get great results, and those drugs make me feel great as well. Not saying people should or shouldn't use certain drugs, but everyone should realize anabolics do exert psychological effects, and I feel it can be worse in people that are susceptible to depression, anxiety, etc.
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  16. Dw725

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    Helluva bodybuilder, and strong as an ox too. One of the few pros i followed. RIP.
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  17. Yakov

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    Masteron is a pretty good anti-depressant I run it 2 months on and 1 month off all year round. It helped me snap out of a funk myself, it seemed to put me into a mental place where I was never down, always pretty optimistic. DHT is most powerful androgen as far as the brain is concerned, it really should be apart of most guys trt, even though it doesn't do much at all for muscle growth, it's the finishing touch on feeling great again as we age.
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  18. Havah

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    Well its time you start getting some basic knwoledge about mental health and psychiatry before you keep going any further then

    This is just embarassing

    My god
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  19. Yakov

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    Depression and mental health are listed as the top causes.

    What are the externals causing these problems. If I locked you up in a P.O.W camp and put you in a rat infested soggy wet cage, subjected you to torture and you started getting depressed and losing your mental health. Would that have been a disease you ever had, were you not put into this shithole?

    No. Of course not. So what is it about modern life that is causing this, let's not just blame the people that are killing themselves for lacking coping skills to adapt to a very shitty situation called modern life, or handing them a fist full of pills to turn off everything that reacts.

    Mental Health professionals are there to return you to the world, the shitty situation from which you came and help you cope and accept this reality. Instead of telling you to walk away, do what you really want to do, what is natural. It's kind of like marriage counseling, instead of just splitting and never having anything to do with each other again, they try to keep you together.....why, what's the purpose....prolonging misery?

    It all depends if you've bought into psychiatry and mental health as a profession. The brain is plastic and extremely adaptable, too many variables, the history of psychiatry has proven wrong time and time again, in this age it's mostly about over prescribing medications. It starts with them not even being able to define mental illness.

    You sit in the chair, they have to find something of clinical significance or they don't get paid, it's as simple as that.
  20. Havah

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    I m not interested at all in talking with someone that has no idea what the fuck hes talking about
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