RIP sarms

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  1. Kpaxi

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    SARMs control act of 2018 has both parties supporting and no one against.
  2. MindlessWork

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    At least MK-677 and GW aren't in the bill from what I've read somewhere...yet.
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  3. Eman

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    This reminds me of when the Anabolic Steroid act of 1990 happened and no one could get steroids again.

    Oh, wait...
  4. Why do people think this is a bad thing? Uncle Sam and the establishment thugs (*) know what's best for us. They're only trying to protect us.

    That's why cigarettes and alcohol are legal and widly available, because those are good for our health, and they want us to live long, healthy, productive lives.

    (*) It's no "Rage Against The Machine" but it would make a cool band name.

    HIGHRISK Member

    Literally lol :D
  6. zenmonky

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    from what i read, the bill is regulating supplements companys from using sarms as ingredients just as they had to regulate supplements from using prohormones as ingredients. sarms are not legally sold for human consumption anyway. as i read it, i think they still can be sold as research chemicals. it seems to me that the companies selling RC are putting more effort in 3rd party analysis. maybe im too optimistic
  7. Millard Baker

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    No. It will become a Controlled Substance just like AAS.
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  8. Yeah,but sarms will still be as easy to obtain as steroids,nothing we can really do.
  9. JabbedUp

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    How exactly were they scheduled? No medicinal qualities or what?
  10. Apexvallen

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    Yeah, funded research was abandoned.
  11. Worf

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    Thats fine, just drive it under ground. It will be cheaper
  12. Sparkyp

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    The fda, dea, big pharma & federal government are at war with anything that poses a financial threat to any of there interests. Their doing the same with botanicals such as kratom which saved hundreds of thousands of people from addiction. They also banned dmha and the European Union has banned many harmless herbs and roots like kava and other botanicals.

    What’s amazing is processed sugar is legal, a can of soda with 50g of sugar is legal while we lead the world in obesity and diabetes, 3000 calorie value meals are legal with the US leading the world in heart disease, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, prescription opioids all remain legal.

    It’s fascin to watch this. It’s like they ban anything that they can’t control or patent to sell themselves

    We need to vote more libertarian people in. Conservatives are still stuck in the year 1850 and liberals have lost their minds. Vote left and you have a full government controlled society, vote right and we get pushed back into the 19th century. So frustrating